Barbara Roberts

How Organisations Change to Enable Successful Agile Project Delivery

Agile is all too often described as “just for IT” or “Agile? We use Scrum”. The reality is that agile goes far wider – it can be applied to all levels within an organisation: project, programme, portfolio.

In essence, agile is about having a collaborative, pragmatic, facilitative mindset and treating change as a fact of life, rather than an exception. For agile to deliver optimum benefits for the organisation, ideally it needs to be supported by the appropriate style of behaviour from senior management and governance. This presentation will position agile within the wider organisational spectrum, explain the key changes in behaviour and the benefits to be gained at all levels from adopting an agile approach.

It will address how an agile team operates differently and how corporate behaviour needs to change to enable optimum benefits from agile. It will also talk about some of the proven benefits of an agile style of working: for individuals, teams, stakeholders, and for the organisation as a whole.”

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