Dr James Smith

Dr James Smith is the Chief Technology Officer at Projecting Success. He is responsible for a wide scope, spanning full stack development through to data science and AI. James has a passion for optimising and transforming how projects are delivered using the latest advanced methods in data analytics and data science, where he has been lead for around 30 projects. He heads up the Projecting Success Dev team and enjoys tutoring in the Project Data Analyst apprenticeship

Transforming Project Teams through Embedded Data Analytics – new roles, changed roles, new opportunities for project professionals

In this presentation I will focus on how PDA (Project Data Analytics) is being deployed and embedded across industry. I will discuss how PDA will, not only, create new roles but how it will affect and change well established positions as well. Finally, I will touch on the challenges that industry is facing today. Including using data to improve project planning, scheduling, risk management, costing etc.

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