Brian Wernham

Brian is proud to be an active APM member and long-term APM Governance specific interest group committee member having presented at APM meetings and webinars for many years. He has 35 years of practical business experience in engineering, transport, construction, finance and IT business change. He is a Fellow of APM and a Chartered Engineer and IT professional.

Brian aims to help APM do more to communicate clearly and establish its voice in the mass media into the undoubted voice of project management. Brian will look to extend APM geographically, by industry, age, gender and ethnicity to promote better project management for society, while increasing the role of Branches by engaging with individual, corporate and academic members.

Brian wants to empower SIGs to generate debate, create a Wiki knowledge base, link with other professional bodies and create world-class qualifications. He also wants to blend together face-to-face and Internet contact by video streaming interesting events and reach out with international leadership by making APM a watchword for project management excellence across the world.

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