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Phillip Brown

Director, Generative AI Lead (UK&I), Arcadis

Phil has spent his career since 2009 merging the worlds of traditional project management and digital innovation. With a keen interest in data science and computer science, he has developed a unique approach to utilising both in his day-to-day work - and scaling these techniques amongst thousands of delivering Arcadians, across hundreds of clients.

Phil led Arcadis’ Global Python and Data Science community of practice for three years; he has been involved in contributing towards and growing solutions (AI related and otherwise), to enable improvements around structured data capture and more generally applicable automated information management pipelines.

With the advent of Generative AI entering the mainstream; Phil is now responsible for leading Arcadis UK&I’s Generative AI efforts and transforming behaviours by capitalising on the benefits provided by the technology. In June 2023 Phil was part of the team responsible for launching ArcadisGPT, Arcadis’ own tool for engaging with GPT models.