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"Knowledge Management (KM) is the systematic management of information and learning. It turns personal information and experience into collective knowledge that can be widely shared throughout an organisation and a profession."

APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition, section 1.1.5

About us

Knowledge is a subject that touches every aspect of project, programme and portfolio management P3 and we welcome membership from across the P3 community. Do you:

  • rely on the success of projects?
  • directly influence the way things are done in projects?
  • manage projects?
  • have experiences to share?
  • get frustrated by poor knowledge practices?
  • want to know how to collaborate more effectively?

If so, you can benefit from joining the SIG and the SIG can benefit from your membership. Because there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for effective KM, our focus is on building a dynamic community of project and knowledge professionals to develop and share understanding of knowledge issues in project environments. SIG events are interactive and we build in plenty of time for networking and informal knowledge-sharing.

The SIG team members have backgrounds in both project management and knowledge management: as practitioners, researchers and managers. We have worked in utilities, construction, higher education, defence, banking and health; and in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The SIG covers topics including strategic knowledge and information management; practical knowledge management; collaboration; social networking and social media; and organisational and cross-organisational learning.

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Managing knowledge

Managing knowledge is like cooking a curry. There are basic ingredients and hundreds of options. Some people don’t eat meat. Some like chillies. Some are allergic to sesame seeds. The success of a curry depends on the skill of the chef in creating a recipe that suits the curry-eaters.

Like curry, there is no one-size-fits all recipe for knowledge management (KM). There are some basic principles and hundreds of possible tools, techniques and processes. Some people don’t like technology. Some like listening to stories. Some are nervous about sharing their ideas. The success of KM depends on the skills of knowledge and project professionals in blending people, process and technology practices to suit the people who use them.

Our aim is to create and support a community of KM chefs in learning about the basic ingredients, discovering some of the rarer ones, sharing recipes and creating new taste combinations. 

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The committee have a regular virtual meeting.

If you are interested in hearing more use the Contact this SIG button on this page to get in touch.

Part 1 - What is knowledge?

"Knowledge Management (KM) is the systematic management of information and learning. It turns personal information and experience into collective knowledge..."

APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition, section 1.1.5

"Knowledge is the most valuable of an organisation’s intangible assets.

Part 1 

Part 2 - Knowledge management practices

In practice, good knowledge management is mostly about creating an environment where people want to share what they know.

It includes HR interventions and networking, however these practices are difficult to translate into the systematic processes that project managers are used to.

Part 2

Further resources

Knowledge management is a body of understanding and skills that is constructed by people and increased through interaction with other people and with information.

Projects, programmes, portfolios and organisations all bring people together so that their collective knowledge can be accessed, combined and transformed.

Further resource 

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