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I am a Design Project Manager for a Consulting Division of a Medium Sized Contractor with extensive experience of "Design" Project Management, responsible on the schemes principally for Design Management Functions, Budgets, Resourcing, Programme implementation and management working alongside our appointed Site Agents and Site Managers once projects commence. Although the Site Agent (Construction PM) has overall control of the Construction budget, I hold key management and financial functions and responsibilities in support of this and on Design only Schemes act as the main person responsible on the project, overseeing and managing entirely the design team and acting as the main point of contact to clients. My query is as to whether my application for full Membership would be affected by the fact I am more design orientated in my PM role?

I am very keen to join the APM as a full member but wondered if anyone can guide me on this?



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Give the membership team a call at APM Ibis House they are a friendly, helpful bunch and will be happy to guide you as to the most appropriate level of membership.