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The British Standard for Value Management states the definition of value management as:

"Value management is a style of management, particularly dedicated to motivating people, developing skills and promoting synergies and innovation, with the aim of maximising the overall performance of an organisation."

Applied at the corporate level, value management relies on a value-based organisational culture taking into account value for both stakeholders and customers.

At the operational level (project-oriented activities), it implies, in addition, the use of appropriate methods and tools.

The Value Management SIG works to:

  • develop an understanding of value management principles and processes;

  • demonstrate the benefits of value management;

  • provide databases of value management information and links to other interested groups and value management organisations;

  • be a leader in its field.


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Explaining value

Value is a subjective concept with different people applying different criteria to assess whether they are getting good value.

Value Management is about maximising value for money in line with programme and project objectives and key stakeholder requirements. This is done by establishing a consensus about the project objectives and how the project team will achieve them.

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