Introduce yourself to the SIG

Welcome to the APM Project and Programme Assurance SIG. Feel free to introduce yourself in this section, and ask any questions you may have.


Paul Ireland

Hi Everyone,

I'm Paul Ireland and I am the Programme Assurance Manager for Gatwick Airport Ltd.  I moved to Gatwick in August 2009 having working in the Automotive Industry for 12 years.

I have a BEng in Electronic Engineering, and more relevantly have attained Prince 2 Practitioner, and MSP Foundation qualified.

Glad to see there is a special interest group related to Assurance, as this is many things to many men.

Hope to speak to you all in the coming days, weeks, months to share experiences.



Hi Everyone

I was part of the SIG when it was established but due to job move/personal matters etc. I stopped being involved about 2 years ago. I now feel readfy to engage again and look forward to some interesting discussion.

My curent job is around coordination of an ongoing programme delivering infrastructure to facilitate and respond to the growth of Milton Keynes - and for me it's a full circle BECAUSE between 1972~1981 I worked on the design and development of Milton Keynes, before flying off to Hong Kong to build new towns there. I also worked as  a PRINCE2 consultant for the Royal Mail, a Project Manager for the Highways Agency (remember the Newbury Bypass?), an international trainer (in project and contract management), a Contracts Advisier (in Philippines), a Gateway Reviewer and an Audit Manager.  

My particular interest at the moment is around management information, and alignment of projects with needs not wants - and I think that maps against assurance.





Deborah Uwadiae

Hi everyone

I am currently conducting a survey as part of my final year university project. I am looking at two web based project mangament software - Web2Project and Collabtive in terms of its security and team collaboration functions. I would like to find out if anyone has used either or both software (web2project and/or collabtive) for project management task or if you have any general knowledge I would love to hear from you. I will also be posting the survey questions soon but in the mean time I would appreciate any contributions. Many thanks.


Pauline Kirk-Harding

Hi everyone

I am part of a Change Assurance Team in for the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). My team and I conduct  assurance for all projects (large and small) within IPS.

By joining this group I was hoping to hear from others who work in this field. I am particularly looking for a benchmarking partner as I am always on the look out for opportunities to improve the approach that we currently use.

If you do work in a similar field, please do get in touch and I would of course be more than happy to share our approach with you.