Introduce yourself

We're all new on this community, so it would be great if we each took a few moments to give a brief introduction to yourself, your background and what you're looking to get out of this new site.


Ian McNamara


I am delighted to be in the process of applying for Member of the APM.  New to your perceptions of Project Management (qualified with APM and MSP for Programme Management in 2009, Chartered in 2009), I actually enter this Community following 18 very happy years in the Royal Navy, having conducted large-scale Operational Programmes including the offload of missiles from a Trident Class Submarine in the US, taking the same platform into Dock for a major Refit, and the conduct of Trials and Operations in support of UK Deterrent Patrols.  Other appointments included Head of Strategic Training and Acoustic Intelligence Engineer (responsible for the use, re-design and procurement of equipment).  On leaving the RN in 2009, I spent a year with BAE Systems (Submarine Solutions), working on the new Astute Class project, before breaking free of Defence and joining Omiino Ltd, a Telecommunications Company specialising in Virtual ASSPs; unique IP that delivers highly efficient solutions for specific Packet Optical Network Transport Applications whether OTN or SONET/SDH, at rates ranging from 2MBit to 100GBit.  Looking to the future, I am keen to develop other skills in the Business side of Project/Programme Management, particularly Contracts (I am attending the APM event on 23 Mar 11), Finance and Sales - areas for which the RN did not provide real experience in.

I look forward to participating in events and discussions wherever possible.



Introduce Yourself - Roger Hankey


He has been involved with major project in construction and transport projects in the UK and overseas: leading the development, management and procurements of major international contracts.


After a period as an international trainer in contract and project management for major IT companies he was with OGC for over three years as a Procurement Advisor, Gateway Management Team member, Gateway Reviewer and Team Leader. He remains a Gateway Senior Review Team member.


He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Project Management Professional, a member of the PMI, a Fellow of the APM and sits on the APM Membership Panel.


His major current interest is in developing information flows from projects, through programmes to portfolios to facilitate business decisions based on accurate and meaningful information.

Hallo, my name is Anna Melland Davis and I am a SFM Project Manager. I work in defence and have been a PM since 2009 so am in awe of all your experience! My background is commercial which gives me a useful perspective on all of our issues. I have worked in Infrastructure, Facilities Management and Contracts Management with all 3 services and also overseas. I have just been accepted onto the Project Management Development Programme and am enjoying taking on new knowledge - and I look forward to gleaning even more from yours

About me: I am the Planning Manager for Patton Group Ballymena. I have been a member with the APM for 1-2 years. I am also a member of Chartered Institute of Building, associate member of Royal Institute of Charterd Surveyors. My experience over the last 20 yrs as Project Planning Manager in construction working on the following projects
Northern Ireland
Belfast Metropolitan College at Titanic Quarter
Belfast Schools Partnership. new Grosvenor Grammer School & Orangefield Primary School
Ulster Museum & Cultra Manor Refurbishment
Queens New Library and Maths Buildings
Omagh & Dungannon Colleges
Royal Victoria Hospital Phases 1 & 2A and Central Decontamination Unit.
New Belfast City Hospital Cancer Centre.
Antrim Courthouse
Belfast Royal Court of Justice refurbishment
England, Scotland & Wales - p/t
Scottish Schools Framework, Stranrear , Castle Douglas, Kirkudbright.
Tesco, Primark & Audi 'new Builds'
Abroad- on site
Project 304x Baghdad
Eurodiney Paris

Andy Reynolds

I'm with a provincial research corporation in Canada, developing clean energy technologies with a team of about 13 scientists, engineers and technologists. Before I left the UK I was an engineer officer in the Royal Navy for 23 years, where my most relevant appointments were in technology development and equipment project & programme teams. I gained my APMP and PRINCE2 practitioner qualifications in 2008. I am also a UK Chartered Engineer and a licenced Professional Engineer in Alberta.

In P3M terms, I find myself on a greenfield site. I've had to introduce researchers to concepts of project management - I have "projectified" what was previously business-as-usual. I've created my own PMO. I was hired to set up a program, but it turns out that MSP-style programs are a mountain too high - what's needed for this business (R&D) in this place (provincial public sector) is a portfolio approach with more agility. So I think I'm a  Portfolio Manager, and I'm watching the PfM doctrine evolve and hoping that it ends up looking something like what I do!

Has anyone else noticed how international we are? A surprisingly large percentage of posts in this list are from people based outside the UK. It will be interesting to see how the APM evolves to deal with that.



I'm Greg Midlane, Project Manager for ENER-G Systems based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Previoulsly I was Divisional Project Manager at ENER-G Natural Power Ltd in Manchester.  ENER-G in the UK has formed a Joint Venture with South African based company General Energy Systems to develop Biogas to Electricity projects in South Africa's fledgling renewable energy market.  Our main focus at present is Landfill Gas to Electricity in which we have won a number of exciting contracts but are also pursuing Mines Gas and Anaerobic Digestion opportunities.

Now that I am based in South Africa I will not be able to attend all the APM functions I used to so the website is a great forum for me to stay in touch with developments in the profession in the UK.

Christopher Bray

After initially training as a life scientist (BSc, PhD, post-doctoral research) I have spent the last 15 years supporting clinicians and statisticians at the University of Oxford's Clinical Trial Service Unit by helping to design and run independent large-scale international clinical trials funded by grants from industry, medical charities and government.  These trials typically cost tens of millions of pounds, take up to a decade from inception to conclusion, and recruit tens of thousands of participants at hundreds of individual clinics in ten or more countries.

Recognising that my job has evolved from doing science on a small scale to helping others to deliver major and complex scientific projects, which requires considerable management expertise, I have been studying part-time for an MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) since 2007.  I have completed all 13 modules and now only need to complete my Project and Dissertation, the focus of which will be how we can implement or enhance recognised project management processes to support our strategic objective of running multiple trials in parallel .  I am hoping that joining the APM will provide resources and contacts which will help me to deliver a high-quality Dissertation which will not only meet the standards required by WBS but also be of real value to my employer..

I believe the combination of my training in science and in management will help me make a valuable contribution to managing major clinical research programmes in the years to come.

Thanks for your interest in my introduction.  I look forward to engaging with fellow APM members over the coming months and years.



I am a qualified architect, project manager and ex-professional seafarer, an usual combination that brings its own unique qualities and vision. I have a particular interest in healthcare architecture, housing, architectural project management and business management.  I have experience across operational and strategic business, working at senior managerial and board level encompassing corporate governance, planning, staff recruitment and business development. 

My specialist architectural interest is healthcare and I have significant experience across LIFT, P21, P21+ and traditional procurement methods.

Varying healthcare sector experience including acute, mental, primary, elderly and refurbishment.

Alexander Roberts Benzies

More generally known as Sandy, I have been an APM member since 2003. My degree is in Electronics and I worked for Ferranti and its successors from 1972 until 2003, moving into PM in the mid-1980s. My experience there covered a variety of development, production and in-service support contracts. In 2004 I changed industry and now work for Hardies Property and Construction Consultants in Edinburgh, where I find the same PM issues arising as in electronics - establishing what the client really wants and delivering it, building a sense of teamwork across the many disciplines involved and dealing with the inevitable changes that take place over the lifecycle. 

I also brought my PM knowledge into work with IET's SE Scotland Local Network which I chaired in 2006-07. 


Peter Hebblethwaite

My name is Peter Hebblethwaite. I am currently working as a Safety Consultant for an international business solutions provider. I am Chartered and have 12 years experience. I am looking to develop my career ; PM appears to be the right direction. Any advice appreciated.

Ian Glen

My name is Ian Glen and I am currently a studying student at Blackpool and the Fylde College about to study for my BSc Degree in Project Management. I have just gained my Foundation Degree in this Subject. My College has just become accredited with APM status and that is how I have found out about this website. I hope to learn from people in the industry in terms of techniques and theories that are out there. I am also looking for some research material for my dissertation. I was looking possibly at the effect that NLP can play in a project team. I want to discuss the good points of it but also if there are bad points to the technique and is it a valid method for a PM to use. 

After my BSc I am hoping to get into the industry. My interest is construction and engineering, even though I only have a national diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and no experience in the construction industry, I like to be challenged and want to see something from its concept to the completion.

I hope this website will give me the knowledge I will need in this field of industry.

Kevin Fletcher



My Name is Kevin Fletcher I am the Strategic Planner and head the portfolio group for Capital investment for Manchester City Council and have been in post for 8 years. I have a varied background in PM in both public and private sectors.


The main role of my team at Manchester has been to provide surety to an incredibly varied capital portfolio. In that respect we have a tailored methodology based on Prince2 and have developed a portfolio builder called MCC Gateway. Our most recent work has been to design, commission an implement a PM system, which is specific to the needs of our public sector organisation, and then link this to our financial system SAP. The challenge to provide a: One Stop Shop, for PPPM delivery it has not been an easy “ask” as the system must cater for PM’s with various experience levels.


I have been a member of APM since 2003.    




I'm Gill Rooke and I am the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Skills Development Manager at the Department of Health Informatics Directorate. We are currently in the process of developing and testing a Resource Centre for P3M improvement, which is a one stop shop containing materials to support organisational and workforce development, including generic role descriptions and competences, career pathways, case studies, SRO development materials and many other useful resources which have either been developed by us or by others to which we have signposted. It is aimed for P3M staff working in the NHS, but could easily be used more widely.

I have particular interest in P3M competences: we currently use the APM Competence Framework as a basis for the role descriptions and I also sit on the Project Management National Occupational Standards Review Steering Group. I would be interested in hearing from people who have either successfully implemented P3M workforce and/or organisational development in their organisations, or those who think they could benefit from using our P3M Resource Centre.

Matthew Blevins
Muhammad Awais Zubair
HI, My name is Muhammad Awais Zubair and in am expecting to graduate this september. I am doing MSc Engineering Project Management from Coventry University. I can not wait to join the corporate sector, face the challenges and prove my capabilities.
Paul Bolger

Hi All


My name is Paul Bolger and I currently work for a Japanese Pharmaceutical company called Takeda in their European R&D office in London. My current role is Associate Director, Business Process Improvement. I have been in this role for around a year.

I lead the Business Process Improvement (BPI) function within Business Operations resulting in delivery of optimised business processes, systems use, behaviours and adjustments in culture across the entire organisation.

I am responsible for defining and implementing BPI strategy for transition of Business Systems/Operation Procedures which maximise efficiency and optimised spend.

Previous to this role, I managed the Data Management department for 10 years, where I defined and implemented global strategies for data management resourcing, standards, processes and systems which maximised efficiency and integration of global data.

I am hoping that the APM will help me further enchance my skill set and expose me to best practices in Project Management and other business areas.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Hello…a pleasure to meet you all. I just came across APM, I was more familiar with PMI, but have seen that your site and your group of experts is equally impressive...

Here is a short note about me: I am currently working for BNP Paribas Fortis as Head of Transversal Portfolio Management, which deals with the prioritization, the selection and the execution of all the large strategic projects in the bank (130 approximately). Before that I was Head of Post Merger Integration at Fortis Bank, where I was heavily involved in the merger with ABN AMBRO. Previously, I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than 10 years, were I became the global lead practitioner for the Project and Portfolio Management practice.

 I have an MBA from London Business School and a university degree on Economics

Some years ago I developped a passion for teaching and speaking about Project Portfolio Management. I was annoyed that MBAs didn't offer project management as a course in their curriculum, so I started a crusade to change that. So far I have managed to convince a few the moment I teach in the MBAs of Solvay Business School in Belgium, Nyenrode Business School in the Netherlands and Boston University. I also speak regularly in conferences on project portfolio management.

I just finalised writting a book – “The Focus Organization", which was a painful project...

Last, two years ago, after the sudden dead of my project (failed take over of ABN AMRO), I launched a think tank on Strategy Execution in LinkedIn: StrateXecution -, probably the largest today, with more than 3.100 experts worldwide and which you are welcome to join.

Well, that is enough. Looking forward for interesting exchanges and further networking opportunities.

Hasta pronto, Antonio

 Contact Details


Tel : +32.479.80.94.18

Simon Brown 1

Good Afternoon,

I thought I'd just introduce myself as a new APM member before I take the kids to the Fair!

I am a Project Manager for the MOD's 25yr PFI which has reconstructed the Northwood Headquarters with Carillion as the contractor; Carillion are also the FM provider for the whole site.  I've been here for 7 years from pre-contract negotiation, through contract award, design development discussions, stakeholder management, communications, sudden interest syndrome, to delivery and acceptance.  Finally of course there has been the challenge of getting user buy in and also feed back after we moved them into their brand new purpose built HQ which was opened on Polling Day last year by HM The Queen - a perfect non-political location for her on that day!

Question: having had the APM recommended (looks good so far) and having been advised that APM qualifications are beneficial both to the individual and to the employer, what level should I go for?  Aside from the last 7 years, I have been 'doing project management' the military way for many years - that sometimes of course means crisis management!!  Seriously though, I am very keen to hear views.  I am already Prince II, but haven't excatly used their specific model.

Look forward to some advice.....






Jon Hyde

Hi Owain,

I'm Jon Hyde and I usually describe myself as a public sector change enthusiast.

I blog at and have been known to be a little provocative e.g. Gantt charts are a waste of time 

I suppose you could say that I enjoy a good debate.

I look forward to engaging with fellow PM professionals through this site,



Piotr Ogiela

Hi All,

I'm new member of APM and I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Peter (Piotr).

I have been an Assistant Project Manager for last coupe years. 

Recently I've became a Project Manager for National project in Rail industry.

I hope I will expand my PM knowledge/skills with your help.


Paul Wrigley

Hi all,

My name is Paul Wrigley, I work for a global environmental consultancy. I was asked at the start of this year to head the implementation a formal PM Programme in our UK business. I originally come from a technical background in geology so I am on an excelerated learning curve. I have just joined as a member of APM and am looking forward to getting the views and opinions of other project managers.

Sridhar Balachandar

I'm sri, i have completed my BEng civil, and specialised on project management. i have been practising Planning & project controls for last 8 years. i have aquainted wider range of experience and good people management by working across the world. i have worked on high complexity programmes with the multi dependant critical activities. In the past, i have worked projects for DUBAI MUNCIPALITY, ADNOC, EMARAT and deals with the Claims, EOT, & forensic analysis.  i am currently working for TFL under Capital Programme Directorate. i am also partner for Costime consulting ltd., where provides Planning & project controls consultation.

Martin Lander

Martin Lander and I am a Professional Chartered Project Manager currently working for Babcock Infrastructure Services.


I have over twenty years experience within the construction industry working on varies typres of projects ranging from airports, datacentres,  residential, medical, infrastructure and industrial to name but a few!


I became a member of the APM about three years ago with a view to conversing with like minded professional Project Managers who operate inside and outside the construction industry, keeping abreast of best practise and what the latest developments are within the profession.


Like most within the APM looking forward to Chartered status being achieved

Oliver Vane


My name is Oliver Vane. I am the Managing Director of Oakwood Recruitment Ltd based in London, specialising in working with project professionals in a number of different areas. I have been in the recruitment business for over 8 years and having set up KPC Projective, a division for my last company, I recently left to set up Oakwood.

The idea with Oakwood to to move away from the 'salesy' approach adopted by so many recruitment companies and really work as a consultancy. I prefer to work with the simple methods of networking, referal and maintaining long-term relationships. As far as I'm concerned, it's all about honesty, understanding and delivery.

All my details are on my LinkedIn profile or the website, and I would welcome any comments or further converstaions.

I very much look forward to speaking with many of you as this community will no doubt continue to expand.

Thank you




Jahkey Awuor

Hi APM Community,

Am Jacklyne ,I'm  new in APM .I work for an Internet Service Provider back here in Kenya .My current job description is partially Project Management related

I am looking forward to learn / share /expand my PM skills with your help




Israel Perez

Hi everyone!!

Congrats on the new site!! I strongly bellieve this site with improve knowledege sharing and promote the Project Management profession amongst us.

I am Israel Perez, Project Manager at ATKINS seconded into Connect Plus Services working at Area 5 (M25 and associated infrastructure) delivering the Asset Management Forward Plan for Pavement, Geotechnical and Drainge Renewal Projects on behalf of Connect Plus and the Highways Agency.

I oversee the various teams involved in the delivery of the projects from Inception to Completion. Teams involve: Asset, Design, Constrcution, Commercial, Communications, Network Occupancy, Procurement, etc.

I hope to hear from all you in the near future. Keep in touch!


Alasdair Ramage

Alasdair Ramage here...

New to APM, I have reveiwed, advised & managed major transformation programmes & portfolios for the last 10 years, following a prior career in the built environment. My passions (at work) are programme design, portfolio optimisation, & capability building. Key sectors and types of programmes are:

Central government: I had an enlightening 13 months leading the UK 'Operational Efficiency Programme' at HM Treasury, and have also worked in health (eg, Pandemic Flu preparedness), and at the government/industry interface (commercialisation of high-tech / nanotech, major sourcing and outsourcing, Regional grant funding)

Procurement: sitting both sides of deals (not the same time) for IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing, including some unusual work with outsourcing companies to help them understand risk in large deals & across the portfolio, and how to manage it/negotiate for sustainable margin.

I'm delighted to have just joined a boutique PPM specialist (Moorhouse Consulting) in London, following a decade with big advisory firms (latterly Ernst & Young).

Interested in: business opportunities, thought leadership & creative problem solving, improving the ability of organisations to transform and 'ride the crest' of change.

See you 'round!?

Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson - Group Planning Manager - Cordell Group Ltd- I have worked in Project Management for over 16 years covering projects within the construction, petro chemical and oil & gas sectors. Following a brief development role as Manufacturing Manager (within Cordell Groups largest manufacturing facility) I am currently the groups Planning and co ordination manager. As my experience has effectively been hands on with very little in the way of academic or professional qualifications, I have felt increasingly limited with my theoretical knowledge. In a effort to advance both professionally and personally I am now studying an FdSc in project management through Teesside University, and at some point hope to work through the APM qualifications. By joining the APM I am hoping to draw on the valued experience of others and hopefully find a mentor or two to help me move ever forward in my career.
Kim Lascombes

Hi, my name is Kim, I'm 22 years old and I'm a student in European Engineering Business Management at Coventry University.

I'm glad to join the community and I hope to find most of the information I need for my project management.

Daniel Dickson


My name is Daniel and I am am new to APM. I am currently attending Keller Graduate School of Management. While I may have some experience with working on projects, I want to learn even more.

Khyati Shah


Can someone please help me as i want to do PRINCE2 Course, which is the best place to do.



Charles Egbu

Professor Charles Egbu  is Chair in Project Management and Strategic Management in Construction.He is Associate Head of School for Research and Innovation in the School of the Built Environment (SoBE) at the University of Salford, England, UK.  His First Degree was in Quantity Surveying [First Class Honours – Leeds Metropolitan University, UK] and worked briefly as Construction Economist/Quantity Surveyor for a large construction company. His Doctorate [PhD University of Salford, UK] was in Construction Management (Salford University, UK).


He is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building. He is currently a Director and member of the Board of Trustees for the Association for Project Management (APM) and the Chair of APM Professional Standards and Knowledge. He is the Chair of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) and holds Visiting Professor positions in Universities in Asia and Africa.


He lectures in the areas of Construction Management and Project and Programme Management. He supervises Postgraduate researchers and post-doctoral students in varied areas of Project and Programme Management, Strategic Management in Construction, Sustainable Development as well as in Innovation and Knowledge Management. He is an author of 10 books in Construction Management, Knowledge Management, Refurbishment Management, and Health & Safety in Construction.


He is currently a Member of the UK Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC 2010 – 2013). He was a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Peer Review College (2006 – 2009). He also sits on many national and international scientific committees to do with research in construction management, project and programme management, innovation and knowledge management, and sustainable development.  He has won and completed many research bids funded by organisations such as EPSRC, ESRC, EU, HSE and DTI to the tune of circa £4m.


He has supervised 22 PhD students and examined over 40 PhD students. He has contributed over 350 publications in various international journals and conferences and has hosted and chaired many international conferences in his areas of expertise. In addition, he has produced many practitioner-based reports, policy and guidance documents, and conducted many workshops and seminars internationally in his areas of discipline. He is coordinator of the CIB W102 on Information and Knowledge Management, and the CIB W117 on ‘Performance Management in Construction” of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction's Working Commission. For more information on Prof. Charles Egbu, visit:


Tobenna Okoye

Hi All,

I'm new to the APM PMOSIG, a Prince2 certified practitioner and also working towards the P3O certification. Though, yet to fully break into the project management field, looking for any opportunities. I'm also willing to learn and share ideas, if possible.

Venkatesan ANDAVAN

Dear Friends,

Let me introduce, am Venkat Andavan, Project Manager, Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd in Manchester. I have been managing medium to large scale projects for over 8 years now. I hope this forum to give shared knolwedge to handle the project even smoother.

More about me


Thank You


Erudite Olushola A

My name is erudite olushola A, am an ICT expert with years of experience in networking infrastructure and surface technology in oil & gas industry. I am also a trained PMI project management professional, preparing for the exam. I love this profession and am passionate about learning more and sharing of experience on the course of project management practice.



Abd ur Rehman Aziz

My Name is Abd ur Rehman Aziz and I am doing my MBA in project management. Currently I am working on my dissertation on topic "Stakeholders' involvement in Project Planning and Implementation". I want to use secondry research methods for my dissertation and in need of some case studies of projects in which stakeholders were fully involved and not involved. I am not able to find the said case studies. If some on ecan help me  to find these ones or can send me, I wll be very thankful

Ged Garry

Hi All.


My name is Ged Garry and I have been working on projects all my working life without realising it. My background is logistics but for the last three years I have been classed as a Project Manager working in the Aerospace industry.

I have been working in my current job for ten years in a Company which I consider is the best Company that I have ever worked for. Despite my age (53) there are still loads of opportunities to progress and grow. I have been lucky enough to spend three years working in France and have enjoyed various visits to Paris, Toulouse and the USA whilst in this job.

Doris Campion

Congratulations on the new site!

I'm Doris Campion, a Project Manager with experience in both the public and private sectors.  I currently work for Valassis Limited in the UK.  My responsibilities involve managing key projects within the business relating to our current busines plan which involve development of new products and services.

I've been a member of the APM for about 3 years,  I am a Prince2 Practioner.

I see this new web site as a great place to swap ideas and to help each other with project-related queries. My main reason for joining this community is to network with Project / Programme Managers to help me establish what I need to do to move from a PM to a Programme Manager within the same business and how I move from managing one project to  multiple projects within the UK and Europe.  I would really appreciate any constructive feedback from those of you that have taken this leap and how best you think I should approach this.   




I'm a project manager with about 1.5 years experience at management level, but almost 6 years within project co-ordination and assistance roles. 

I started within project management in 2006 after graduating from University as a temporary bid administrator for a multi service company heavily involved in the Building Schools for Future (BSF) projects and bids for hospitals, roads, bridges etc,. I then moved on to a London based company whose sole investments were in the BSF projects across the UK again on a temporary basis.  In 2007, I joined my current employer, a not for profit  business, as a temporary administrator and was shortly offered a permanent role within their business development team for a role that I could make my own. Since then I have had several promotions and I now hold a managerial position with two direct reports and a wide portfolio of projects and responsibilities which are ever expanding. I enjoy my role, feel I have deserved the chances I have been given to mould the role into my own and I have joined AMP with a view to improve my own development before getting stuck in a rut and further develop my own role or any other future ones I may have.

In addition to improving my own knowledge, I'm keen to identify a potential mentor. I know its not advisable to treat your direct manager as one, so it does leave me with little options within such a shallow organisational structured company. I am also the only 'project manager' within the business however I have two employees below me who I would also like to pass on my knowledge to throughout their career.

I'm also looking forward to attending some of the events and networking opportunities to help me progress with my career as I do have 40 years at least of my working life, and think we should make the most of it and enjoy it.

Thanks all, and look foward to seeing how my subscription works out.



Raya Ishtaiwi

Raya.. Hope to get the most knowledge from APM memebership. 

Rakiya Sambo

I am a part time student studying project mangement at coventry university with Prince2 incoeporated. presently we are analysing methodologies and have read intersting views about miscontrution of project management methodologies and development methodologies. was hoping to hear more from the forum. My understanding is that there is Prince2 and others which I dont know, the bodies of Knowledge have been labeled as guides not methodologies in their own rights. and then the development methodologies foe specialist products or specifically IT projects. that leaves me with only one  methodology! what does everyone think?

Glyn Davies 1

Glyn Davies -  I am a Project Engineer employed by Heineken UK Supply Chain, I have been with the company for three months and am looking to progress to Project Manager within two years. I have previous experience working on multi-million pound projects for PCC corporation.

My background is as a mechanical engineer with experience in refrigeration and close control air conditioning also.  Iam pleased to be a member of APM and look forward to progressing my career with the help of APM training.

Patrick Heenan


Just joined APM today. Looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming months and years.




Flavio Graser

Hi All,

I'm a new member of APM and I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Flavio Graser, I have been working as IT Project Manager in a clothing company, Valentino Fashion Group, for almost five years . I currently work and live in Italy, but I'm trying to relocate in Scotland or Northern UK to find new stimuli and to grow in my profession.

I hope joining APM will help me in this personal development project.
Alex Gray

Hi I'm also new to the APM but not to Project Management & PMO.  Working in Edinburgh at Crewe Toll and I've  lived through the long evolution from Ferranti, GEC Marconi, BAE Systems and now SELEX accumulating nearly 33 years experience over the whole lifecycle ranging from electronic design, development, manufacturing, support.
My current post is Project Office Manager and key focus is improving the quality of schedules - lots of opportunities here!  We can and must do better.
I'm hoping to find lots of useful resources here on the APM web so that we can drive the improvements needed.


I specialise soley in the Consumer Goods industry and have worked from the bottom up, be it originally as a consumer of the products that were sold to me in my previous profession, moving on to selling them same products, training the people to sell them and now implementing the CRM software used to sell them - all this has given me great insight and learnings from all perspectives into the industry, it's people, challenges and areas where good implementations along with great change management can really define the success of the project.

What I hope to gain from these forums is a chance to fill the gaps in my PM knowledge by being able to discuss issues with fellow PM managers whilst completing the APM courses.

Feel free to link in with me or Skype me on the links below.


Neil White 1

Hello all,

Although I have had a great deal of exposure to the methods and rigour of project management through five years spent both as an SEI CMMI assessor and assessement team leader I am not a practicing Project Manager. My area of specialisation is Change Management and, in particular, Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) and plan to be an active member of the APM Benefist Realisation Special Interest Group. I am a strong advocate of the utility of BRM but recognise that it relies heavily on competent Project Management and, just as importantly, competent Change Management. My aim is to see a stronger relationshipo between Project Management and BRM and also to demonstrate the efficacy of each these disciplines being strongly cognisant of the sometimes esoterical domain of Change Management. A fuller picture of my background can be found on LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading this.

Michael Woods

Hi, I'm Michael Woods and I've just joined APM this month and I'm looking to formalise my knowledge of project management.

I started my career in civil engineering as a Trainee Technician with W. A. Fairhurst and Partners, in 1983.  While at at Fairhurst, I became professionally qualified with the ICE (IEng MICE) which enabled me to take on secondments for the Company to: Livingston Development Corporation; FLAC and City of Edinburgh Council; BAA Edinburgh Engineering Dept, gaining various ad hoc project management experience.

My current employer is WSP who I joined in 2001 as an Infrastructure Engineer to work on roads and drainage projects.  Since 2003, I have had various levels of project management roles of which the most all encompasing is acting as the Project Manager on the Fife Quality Bus Interchange project which was executed under a NEC2 ECC Option A form of contract.

My current role is assisting WSP's Project Director, as a contracts manager, on a major Scottish building project operated under the NEC3 PSC contract.