Welcome to our Five Dimensions of Professionalism website

A preview of the new APM websiteWelcome to the Association for Project Management’s new professionalism website, which also offers a preview of the new APM website, set for launch in Spring 2010.

When we set out on our strategy to raise professional standards in project and programme management we saw that although many shared our vision, to find a common definition of “professionalism” was another matter altogether.

Part of our vision recognises a need to provide a common language for professional development in project management. This led us to create the APM Five Dimensions of Professionalism; the values that all professionals should aspire to demonstrate.

Each dimension is supported by an APM standard – the APM Body of Knowledge (breadth), APM Competence Framework (depth), professional qualifications (achievement), CPD scheme (commitment) and membership (accountability).

As a framework, the dimensions reflect the broad range of professional development opportunities available including other professional and academic qualifications, and corporate development programmes.

Professionals have different aspirations, experiences, learning styles, backgrounds. The framework allows you to tailor your professional development to meet your individual and organisational needs whilst offering common professional benchmarks.

This site aims to give you more details into the Five Dimensions of Professionalism including examples of how professional project management can benefit you, your organisation and its projects.

We will also provide you with all the latest news on project management professionalism including relevant articles from our Project magazine archive.

If you’re a member of APM already, why not join the drive to improve the profile and recognition of professional project management by recommending a friend for APM membership?

In Spring 2010, we will be launching the new full APM website as a key hub of the profession’s activities and communication. This, we anticipate, will build to become a professional community and a valuable resource for all those wishing to develop their professional competence. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the new site.

We are keen to get your feedback on this site, so please let us know what you think by contacting us.