What qualities and experience will you bring to the APM board?



Sarah Coleman

I will bring a range of qualities and experience gained over the last 30 years of my career, and gained over a wide variety of industry sectors and seniority.  The APM continues to face significant change.  I believe that my particular experience of strategic change and of helping organisations build capacity and capability will support the APM to achieve its vision and strategy.   I also bring a wealth of experience and expertise gained in project management and commercial roles across a broad spectrum of industry sectors: manufacturing, engineering, ICT, food & drink, media, healthcare, financial services, professional services and training & development.

I appreciate that the level of commitment required for this role is significant, and I am prepared to meet that commitment.  I also believe I can bring to the board a different viewpoint, different experience and a different approach as well as the ability to think and act strategically.   As Chair of the Derby Chapter I believe I have come to understand and appreciate the views and concerns of the membership, and will use this to help inform my contribution.

Finally, I am complemented by my clients and colleagues on my excellent communication skills at all levels and for my ability to challenge positively and constructively; I believe these skills will help me make a positive contribution to the board. 

Paul Goodge

I believe that my experiences across a range of disciplines, with various companies, across a variety of sectors and in a number of countries coupled with my energy and enthusiasm for what we have to do fits ideally with the profile needed for the APM Board. I have greatly enjoyed my first three years as a Trustee, helping to shape the strategy, working with the Audit and Performance Review Committee particularly in the area of improved risk management and now with increased involvement in the Corporate Members’ Advisory Group.  I see my role as being a ‘critical friend’ to the APM Executive. Also, I believe that at this stage of our growth and development we need to be actively listening; both to our own community and also those we see as external stakeholders. As well as the explicit statements of what is required we also need to ensure that we understand those views that are not yet fully expressed. What benefits can we bring to society and those within it? We need, I believe, to do more to reach out and engage and I think that my skills in this area would be very beneficial.

Finally, I possess a great deal of energy and enthusiasm for what we represent.  Throughout my career I have been prepared to ‘stand up and be counted’.  We have a great opportunity to sell ourselves to a wide range of people, to educate them on what we can bring and to act as a cohesive force. I believe we are an ‘integrating function’; successful projects happen as a result of our skills and endeavours. I wish to exploit the skills I have in these areas for the greater good in the successful management of projects.

Geoff Lowe

As an APM ambassador, I will use my extensive network of contacts in industry and professional bodies to raise the APM profile. I bring a passionate desire to ensure that we take maximum advantage of the future opportunities and benefits.

I also bring the ‘t-shirts’ of hard won ‘been there, done it’ experience and lessons learnt, good & bad, of over 37 years in and around projects, part of the ‘over 5 centuries of board experience’ mentioned in the latest board-blog!

Monica Sasso

I am excited about my future and I think that I have the gravitas, the experience, the hunger, the energy and the drive to be a successful Board Member.  If you choose me, you will get an articulate, professional, energetic PM who is not afraid to think outside the box and go the extra mile.

Nick Johns

I bring a strategic viewpoint without losing sight of the requirements of the members at a local level, facilitation skills and an ability to find solutions to difficult situations without alienating people. I am also forthright and straight talking, but able to put forward arguments without seeming to be aggressive. In addition, I have over 30 years of experience in the profession as well as many contacts both in the public and private sectors as well as in academia, nationally and internationally, to further the strategic aims and objectives of the APM.

Furthermore, I have extensive experience at various levels throughout the range of APM activities over several years i.e. judge for the APM Awards, APM judge for the national Planning and Scheduling Awards, judge for the APM Study Tour Award, member of the NW Branch Committee, member of the Membership Panel, Chair of the SIG Steering Group, Chair of the Knowledgeshare Conference and deleagte to the IPMA World Congress for almost a decade. As such, I am in touch with both the APM Executive and the membership and can provide a balanced and objective viewpoint.

Steve Wake

Above all I now have many years of history and experience  with the Association and remember why and how things originated.

I have always worked within the SIGS and have a deep experience of being an engaged volunteer. There are few that do at this level.

Communication skills.

Organisation skills.

Chairman skills.

Networking skills.

I carry no other organisational agenda which means I can remain true to the values of the APM mission more easily than some.

Peter Parkes

The Branches and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been described as the differentiator and 'Jewel in the crown' of the APM. I was chairman of London Branch from 2005-2010 and a founding committee member for several special interest groups (SIGs). Hence, I have excellent contact with the active membership on an ongoing basis, and am often asked to arbitrate on differences of opinion. I act as board champion for best practice groups and sit on the SIG steering group. I have attended all the SIG and Branch forums since 2005 and regularly facilitate sessions on topics such as strategic alignment.

I am a Fellow of several other professional bodies and remain active in them, including the Chartered Management Institute and BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT. I am able to transfer some of the experience of working with these chartered bodies to the APM in its quest to achieve a similar status.

I have also been a branch committee member with the Institute of Directors since 2005, which helps me to understand how directors of other functions see our profession.

Peter E Horsted

Honesty, integrity, knowledge and the ability to inform and be part of setting strategic direction and the ability to roll my sleeves up and turn that intention into reality.

Vicknayson Thevendran

Leadership and more importantly, contemporary experience and up-to-date knowledge of the profession.

Rod Baker

My experience across a diverse range of industry and commercial enterprise, has given me extensive insight into the application of best practice in project management, in achieving successful project outcomes, so I appreciate the issues most practicing project managers face.

Through my activities with GAPPS, APMG and the professional activities of APM, I have a unique insight into developments and issues in the project and programme management world.

This combination of activities, plus my forthright approach will be added to the strategic thinking within APM.

Alan Macklin

I would like to contribute my passion for the Programme and Project Management profession backed by over 20 years of experience in the Public Sector project management world.  This covers not just Defence acquisition but my experience as an OGC/Cabinet Office High Risk Review Team Leader and my experience of project delivery in military operational contexts.  My roles here have included: Portfolio, Programme and Project Management in the contexts of ‘tangible’ product delivery, skills & process development and governance & review.  I have a particular passion for the programme level having had close insight to the tools and techniques used at the Olympic Park to realise outcomes never previously achieved in modern Olympics.  Demonstrable evidence of this ‘enthusiasm’ lies in my promotion of the APM at MoD, of the pursuit of Chartered Status, support for the RPP and encouragement for the Olympic Learning Legacy programme.  And I would like to think that my connections into Whitehall could help carry the APM and PPM professionalism messages into Government Departments.  (The Practitioner Director of the Major Projects Leadership Academy at Oxford, currently running  under contract to the Cabinet Office, is a close colleague of mine.)