CPD cycle steps

The CPD cycle shows the steps that you can follow to plan your learning.

Step 1 - Initial review

A good way to plan your learning is to create a CPD log

To start, a helpful tool is the APM Competence Framework. This self-assessment will help you identify current and future areas to further develop your project skills and knowledge, and assist you in establishing any learning objectives for the coming year.

Step2 - Plan

Identify the competences and areas that you’d like to focus your learning on. Develop specific objectives - decide the activities that will support your development. These activities should be chosen to meet the APM CPD scheme. You can use the APM CPD log to start your planning.

Include learning activities that can help you to develop these areas. It is good to include a range of activities.

Step 3 - Do

Carry out the activities that you planned.

You may also find that you gain learning from activities that you did not originally plan. You can add these to your CPD log too.

Step 4 - Review

Planning and reflecting on your CPD helps to create value out of the learning that you have done. Review your learning – how have you applied your learning to your project related work? Is there anything that you have done differently as a result? Or perhaps it has reinforced the approach that you have been taken and confirmed that alternative approaches would not have fitted with what you were doing?

Review what areas you would like to focus on as a result of this for next year. You may find it helpful to go back to your self assessment against the APM Competence Framework to check your progress, and identify any other areas of interest/development.

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