Topic Synopsis

Introduction & Overview 
Having welcomed participants, Dr Jon Broome will outline of:

- Why the procurement and management of contracts for projects and programmes is different from that of widgets;
- How emerging ‘world’ themes are affecting the procurement and management of projects both now and in the future;
- An overview of the seven stages in the Guide and the seven following sessions
- Key concepts that are pervasive throughout the guide.

Concept & Feasibility 
In this session on ‘Concept and Feasibility’, Jon will:

- Give an overview of the process chart;
- Highlight why project managers and procurement people need to be involved at this stage
- Give a few war stories to illustrate good and bad practice.

Project Procurement Strategy 
In this session, James will discuss how we determine the overall Procurement Strategy of the project; how the overall project is broken down into Packages, whether they may be procured externally, and the approach to procuring each Package.

Key topics to be explored will be:
- Assessment of the internal capacity of the Employer organisation or the external potential to provide the Package
- The nature of the relationship sought with the potential Provider.
- The most appropriate high-level contracting strategy.
- The Provider selection strategy to be employed.
- The scope of and interfaces and interdependencies between of each Package to be defined.

Package Contracting Strategy 
During this session Anne will:
- Give an overview of the process for developing a package’s contract strategy
- Illustrate it with ‘war stories’
- Give a high level overview of difference contract strategies available
- Set participants a short exercise, based on real projects, to do in impromptu groups for participants to apply what she talks about.

Prepare Contract Terms 
In the session on Preparing the Contract Terms and Requirements, Alastair will take you through:

- What you need in place before you begin (inputs)
- An overview of the Guide's Process Chart
- How to effectively brief the team
- Considerations on Legal Context and Form of Contract
- Developing the Contract Requirements and ensuring effective review

Select Provider and Award the Contract 
In this session John will:

-          Give an overview of the process for developing a package’s contract strategy
-          Illustrate it with ‘war stories’.
-          Discuss in more detail, the different approaches for final selection and relate them to the E U procurement reg
-          Use the same projects as in the contract strategy session for a short exercise on selecting providers.

Manage and Deliver the Contract 
In the session Managing and Delivering the Contract John will cover:

- Your role as a PM in the delivery of contracted packages
- Making an assessment when you start
- The delivery process
- The most common pitfalls (gotchas!)
- How to use the Contracts and Procurement Guide to help during delivery.

Contract Closure, Cutover Operation and Support 
The session details for Steve Emerton will be available shortly.


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