14 October 2020
Online webinar
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South Wales and West of England branch

APM SWWE Branch Conference 2020

APM South West and West of England Conference is returning to 2020 after a very successful launch in 2019!

The pertinent question to the project profession, is no longer how to deal with external change, but how does the profession itself evolve to continue being as effective in the future.

The 2020 conference turns the spotlight on the project professionals themselves and asks how they can adapt to this future and deliver a more sustainable world.

This year the conference will focus on the following key areas;

SKILLS – Harnessing new and disruptive technologies.
With technological advances (digitalisation), shifts in society (remote working, virtual teams), and the many unknowns of the future (AI), project professionals need to be open to new ideas, flexible and ready to adapt to change. This will require a combination of soft skills and digital skills.

TOOLS - Exploring innovative systems & processes.
Operating in a technology driven world, and the landscape in which the project profession applies our skills and create our culture has changed significantly. The tools, processes, and methodologies we utilise and adopt, are developing in line with our evolving environment.

CULTURE – Navigating the changing professional landscape.
The future of the workplace is changing, and as a result the profession will need to change. In many ways, their role will become more important, and the emphasis will be placed onto ‘softer’ skills such as leadership and emotional intelligence will play a key role

Why attend?

• Understand the challenges facing the project profession in the future
• Learn more about the evolution of the evolving project professional
• Understand the challenges facing the Project profession in the future
Learn Understand the challenges facing the Project profession in the future
• Understand what skills, toolstools, and cultural aspects you will need to adapt to ensure you and your company remain successful
• Be inspired by well-respected keynote speakers
• Gain up to seven hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD

Speakers included;

Speaker X, Topic

This conference will be held virtually - more details to come soon!

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