Business driven IT governance

Workshop description

Business models are under threat and being changed by innovative use of information technology. For example, the eBook phenomenon has the printed book industry under pressure in many parts of the world. Travel agents are being disenfranchised by online booking systems. Bricks-and-mortar retail is under sustained attack from online shopping!

IT is completely entangled in the most business systems. Computer “glitches” can seriously damage operational and financial performance, customer relationships and regulatory conformance. Analysts say few IT projects actually deliver all the benefits forecast, and even on the most generous measures, only 50% of projects are successful.

Problems with information technology can result in plunging profit, share price erosion and career interruption for business executives and board directors. More than ever, business leaders need to be in control of the IT situation, ensuring that business plans make appropriate use of IT; that IT plans deliver what the business needs; that IT projects succeed; and that business operations are stable and secure.

This workshop explains the 21st century approach to governance of IT – where IT is not merely driven by the business strategy – IT is embedded IN the business strategy . Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Driving Forces: The growing dependence of business on successful IT-enabled change
  • Fundamental concepts: Business leadership is critical in successful use of IT. IT-enabled change affects the entire business
  • Governance of IT: Directing and controlling the use of IT is a top level responsibility, even if IT supply is fully outsourced
  • Inside ISO 38500: Clear, powerful guidance for board directors, business leaders and IT managers
  • Taking control: Techniques for adopting ISO 38500 and building effective governance of IT
  • Self-assessment: Complete a thirty point self-assessment of how your organisation directs and controls its use of IT

Benefits of attending

Participants in this workshop will obtain the keys to sustained high performance in their organisation’s use of IT. They will see how established frameworks focus on management of IT from the supply perspective and have failed to address the most significant issues in effective, efficient and acceptable use of IT. Specifically at the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the critical business leadership role in governance of IT
  • Explain how established guidance on management of IT fits within the concept of an effective system for governance of IT
  • Take small initial steps to introduce ISO 38500 Principles into their organisation
  • Begin the process of adopting ISO 38500 to guide governance of IT
  • Engage business leaders at boardroom and executive levels in productive conversation about the current and future use of IT
  • Position the critical importance of IT as an integral element of business strategic planning
  • Reinforce the role of business leadership in driving value from IT-enabled change
  • Engage business management in stewardship of the IT that underpins day by day business operations

Who should attend

This workshop will be of benefit to anyone with an interest in and/or responsibility for their organization’s Governance of IT. It will also expand the knowledge of external consultants who help their clients improve Governance of IT. Specifically, the following people should attend:

  • company directors and top level business executives  
  • specialists who plan, manage and deliver IT-enabled business change   
  • project sponsors, project owners, program directors   
  • program office managers consultants   
  • change agents and suppliers of IT products and services

This is a highly interactive 1 day workshop comprising a mixture of theory, knowledge transfer from the trainer, case studies and practical sessions involving group discussion and syndicate working.

About the presenter

Mark Toomey aspires to change the way the world’s business and government leaders deal with information technology, to greatly increase the economic value and operational reliability of information technology as a key enabler of modern society. Mark is recognised internationally as a leading expert in top level governance of information technology and ISO/IEC 38500. He is a past chair of the committee responsible for Australian standards on governance and management of IT, and is Australia’s lead representative to the corresponding international committee.
Mark writes and speaks extensively about how business leaders can govern IT. His publications include “The Infonomics Letter”  (monthly), “Waltzing with the Elephant – a comprehensive guide to Corporate Governance of Information Technology” and “The Director’s IT Compass”. Through his company, Infonomics, he helps leaders understand and improve their organization’s Governance of IT, and expands the skills of consultants who help their clients improve Governance of IT.

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