3 March 2020
The Pullman Hotel 100-110 Euston Road Kings Cross London NW1 2AJ

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Corporate Partner Thought Leadership Forum

Join us for our Annual Corporate Partner Thought Leadership Forum where you will spend the day in good company amongst pan sector project professionals.

We will be exploring several key themes around projecting the future of the profession, Projecting the Future (PtF) a thought-leadership initiative focused on external themes that will challenge the project profession (and the environment in which it operates) in the years ahead. The initiative is intended to promote a debate on the role of the project profession to ensure its future is more relevant than ever.

At this exclusive Corporate Partner event, delegates will be able to engage across a choice of themed workshops to debate the following challenges:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Data, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

How the fourth industrial revolution will transform how all of us live and work. As it does, it will challenge the project profession in profound ways. Some of those effects can be forecast today. Others will be unexpected and disorienting.

Climate change, clean growth and sustainability

The climate change challenge is genuinely global in scale, yet it is also rooted firmly at a local level. It involves complicated, complex, interrelated systems, both natural and human.

Ageing and demographics: the 100-year life

This Challenge examines the rise in human longevity and the changing demographics facing the UK and many other nations around the world. It is a story of incredible progress in healthcare, in economic development and in the lifting of living standards globally – yet it is also a trend that raises complex issues.

Mobility and transport

Projects to deliver the future of mobility and transport will need the highest levels of professionalism and expertise from the project profession. They will demand technical excellence in delivery, and a real emphasis on the people dimension.

Urbanisation, smart cities and connectivity

The trend towards urbanisation and connectivity will only continue growing in the years ahead. Projects will be at the heart of creating smart cities that can meet the quality of life and standards of wellbeing we all demand.

Future workplace, future skills

In Spring 2020 APM will publish its final Projecting the Future Challenge Paper entitled: Future workplace, Future Skills. This paper will be drafted with input from the Corporate Partners’ Thought Leadership Forum where delegates can contribute.

The full Programme for the day will be published shortly.

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