10 June 2020

Could Microsoft Power Automate support your project delivery?

“Working smarter not harder” is often something you hear in career self-help books, but in this case see it as connecting all those services, streams of data and tasks and starting to automate through digital and robotic process automation – could this help your business? Could this help your project delivery?

Microsoft Power Automate offers the potential for people to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks by integrating automation into apps. You have the opportunity to transform how you connect and interpret data, as well as infusing AI into these data pipelines to extract insights that would otherwise have been difficult to find. From health and safety through to scheduling, the opportunities are only constrained by your imagination.

Within this talk Amy will run through the opportunities presented by automation. She will share a number of examples where automation offers the potential to change how we work.

Amy Boyd is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, specialising in Data Science and Machine Learning. Her role as a Cloud Advocate is to help people to learn, engage and build on the Microsoft AI Platform. Amy creates and delivers content online and in-person and works with the community to provide the best product experience for them. She has been a firm supporter of Project:Hack since its inception and is a loyal friend of the community.

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