7 March 2019
Sir Ian Wood Building Garthdee Road ABERDEEN ABERDEENSHIRE AB10 7GJ
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  • 2019-03-07 18:00:00 2019-03-07 20:00:00 Europe/London Knowledge based on change Don't forget to book your place on the APM website. Robert Gordon University, Sir Ian Wood Building, Room N345, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7GJ Robert Gordon University

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Knowledge based on change

Robert Gordon University, Sir Ian Wood Building, Room N345, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7GJ

How do you improve service to customers and increase revenues whilst reducing costs? These objectives are often believed to be in conflict, with improvements, in one being traded-off against taking a ‘hit’ on another. Is it possible to achieve them all whilst enhancing staff morale at the same time? And what do you have to do to make it happen?

Using examples from change initiatives in financial services, ‘going digital’, break-fix organisations, and multi-agency public services’ integration, this talk identifies the theories embedded in change efforts to control outcomes, and examines whether, when, and how they succeed. Implications for change projects in many areas are explored:

  • Why the perspective on control is a critical determinant of success.
  • How conventional management controls increases costs and limit opportunities.
  • Why successful change starts with knowledge gained from studying organisations as a system.
  • Project controls and their impact.
  • The profound results that organisations have achieved by going beyond ‘command and control’ practices.

Whether your change is going digital in financial services, improving the economics or repairs organisations, transforming local public services, or improving project and programme delivery; basing your change on knowledge, allows you to simultaneously improve customer service and the organisation’s economics whilst enhancing staff morale and delivering a change in culture. Too good to be true? Come along and hear examples of successful changes based on knowledge, and how it was done.


Will Pyke is a visiting lecturer at Buckingham University and Vanguards sector lead for policing. He helps leaders of public and private sector organisations improve service, efficiency, revenue and morale.

Previously, Will held management positions in the Automotive sector, at different times running projects, within the PMO, and being the client for other projects. He held voluntary teaching and administrative roles within an educational charity, specialising in experimental learning and personal development. He holds a Masters Degree in engineering with European studies from the University of Southampton.

Vanguard Consulting was founded in 1985 by organisational psychologists to study why traditional change programmes failed. Vanguard help their clients to go beyond the limitations of command and control management ideas and practice, to make the work more efficient. Combining systems thinking (how to look at organisations) and intervention method (how to make successful change), the Vanguard method helps organisations improve by moving beyond ‘command and control'.


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This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience.


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