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1 May 2018
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  • 2018-05-01 18:00:00 2018-05-01 19:30:00 Europe/London Magic people skills Don't forget to book your place on the APM website The Abbey Hotel, Abbey Rd, Great Malvern WR14 3ET The Abbey Hotel

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Magic people skills

The Abbey Hotel, Abbey Rd, Great Malvern WR14 3ET

Not everybody likes me. I’m just not everybody’s cup of tea. Neither do I like everybody else. I’m sure they’re very nice people - just not my cup of tea. 

Why? Why is it that with some people we can get along with them effortlessly, whilst others require work?

And does it matter? Do people have to like us in order to trust us when we work together?

In 1937 Dale Carnegie published “How to win friends and influence people’. He helped to create the modern self-help market. It’s now flooded with publications, blogs, and podcasts; touting relationship advice, both personal and professional, educating us about the human condition.

What are some of the myths, hidden pitfalls, helpful human behavioural models, and practical tools that we can use to positively influence those around us?

In this talk, we will look at both the theory and practical examples of techniques and concepts that you can start using immediately, to improve communication with others at all levels, both verbal, non-verbal and written communication, including eight specific magic people skills and concepts:

  • Mehrabians Communication theory. Verbal, non verbal, written.
  • Active listening.
  • The trust equation. Yes, there really is an equation for this!
  • Transactional analysis. Parent, adult, child “ego states”.
  • Ok/ not Ok theory.
  • Positive and negative strokes.
  • DISC communication styles.

Nigel Dunand is MD and founder of Sandler Training in Birmingham, and Midlands Regional Chair of the Institute of Sales Management. 

He works with successful organisations to create a culture of success, through executive coaching, training, mentoring and consulting.

He has built teams in the UK, US, Canada and Mexico by focussing on having the right people, processes, and culture. 

Sandler Training has over 250 offices around the world.

His award-winning approach to business, people skills and stellar track record, has given him the opportunity to work with management teams and sales teams in over 100 industries. He is also invited to talk, entertain, and challenge mindsets at various business leader events.

This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience. 

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