12 February 2019
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Space shuttle briefing

Santander, Carlton park, King Edward Ave, Narborough, Leicester LE19 0AL

On 28 January 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded just one minute after launch. As the world looked on horrified, few realised that this was an inevitable accident that had been predicted by the designers for years. Indeed, the day before the key engineers believed that there was “essentially a 100% probability of disaster”.

After the accident, NASA embarked upon major management reforms. Sadly, the reforms failed to address the real cultural issues within NASA, and as a result over the subsequent years safety standards and relationships slipped once more.

Then in February 2003, the space shuttle Colombia burnt up on re-entry and the entire crew perished. The chilling fact was that this was a management repeat of the Challenger disaster, NASA had not truly learned the lessons of the past.

The key messages:

  • Importance of real communication.
  • Leadership of complex strategic safety.
  • Personal responsibility/groupthink.
  • Inter organisational co-ordination/silos.
  • Keeping organisational learning alive.
  • Dangers of groupthink/silo thinking.

Stephen Carver is rated as one of the top lecturers at Cranfield School of Management, where he lectures in project and programme management. Stephen has 30 years' experience in change projects and programmes. He has hands on experience in almost all business sectors from banks to oil, and from construction to law firms. Stephen has a reputation of taking complex management concepts and being able to distil them down into highly informative and fun lectures. 

He often uses fast paced and highly entertaining 'storytelling' techniques as a way of conveying information, and ensuring it is retained for the future.

Stephen has worked at Board level in Europe, Middle East and Asia. He is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management and the Institute of Risk Management, and is an expert in projects, programmes, risk, communications and crisis.

 Unusually, for an academic, he has actually spent most of his working life in real business and still undertakes management assignments for many global organisations. His attitude is 'if you haven't done it - you shouldn't be teaching it!' 

This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience.

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