21 January 2020
Scotland branch

Stakeholders, can’t live with them, can’t deliver without them

This event is now fully booked. Please complete the waiting list if you would like to be contacted to attend, should a space become available. 

The Royal Scots Club, 29-31 Abercromby Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6QE

Stakeholder relationships are built in conversations, nowhere else. Team performance is determined by the quality of relationships; the levels of mutual commitment, accountability and trust. And so, in our modern screen-dominated world, have we lost the habit, and the art, of true relationship building?

At this event we put process and technology on one-side and concentrate on behaviour.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Understanding and engaging project stakeholders.
  • Getting underneath resistance to change and learning how best to work with it.
  • Building collaborative high-performing relationships across the project.
  • Learning how authentic conversations build the trust needed for successful delivery.

Actors will bring the content to life in the form of an improvised change project story. As an audience, you will be fully involved and you get a chance to change the characters’ behaviour, and so to determine the outcome of the story, from where you sit. There will be precious little PowerPoint (sorry if you will miss that). By putting out the issues in a colourful way, and giving you, the audience, control of the action, in a safe environment, we hope to engage everybody in a valuable and enjoyable learning event.

People Deliver Projects have worked with the over 100 organisations who they help to deliver projects and change.  Their work focuses on behaviour: The conversations, and relationships which help teams and leaders to deliver.

Andy Taylor is the founder and Managing Director of People Deliver Projects. Before this, his proper jobs included Project Manager, Factory Manager and Operations Director. He has spent all his working life in projects and change, and outside work he leads outdoor projects on rock, sea and snow.

Andy’s zeal is for getting projects back to being foremost about people and the leadership which makes that possible. Process, by contrast, he believes should be simple and just enough to help people to get the job done.

Along with his creative team, Andy’s job is to help change the behaviour of project organisations. 

This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience.

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