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The back issues of the APM Governance SIG newsletters are available for viewing on this page.
Any member who has what it takes to fulfil this key role is encouraged to submit a nomination
The Governance SIG Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 30th June 2016 at 6:00pm, in London.
The nominations for the Governance SIG committee has now closed and a list can be found on the attached document of the volunteers and their reason for wishing to join the 2016/17 Governance SIG committee.
This was the topic for an informative evening presentation to around 50 people from Mark Somers – Project Director, and Boris Lucic – Programme Engineering Manager Thameslink Programme.
The Governance SIG was again represented at APM Presents, this year held at Warwick University. Our presentation focussed on how Governance contributed to project success. Over 30 participants attended one of the three sessions we ran and with wide-ranging discussions.
Our second annual conference will be held on 6th October in London, under the theme of ‘Successful Change – Good Governance and Culture Matter’. Recent research has confirmed a direct correlation between good governance and change success. Good governance is the critical success factor in delivering successful outcomes. Should boards not take note and make improvement of change governance a strategic objective?
Our Foundation guide, Directing Change, was last updated in 2011. As there have been a number of developments recently regarding governance, and the body of experience grows, we are carrying out a further update.
The Governance SIG is seeking new talent to join its committee. We are looking for people with an interest and a passion for governance plus some relevant experience (though you don't have to be an expert, just keen, inquisitive and willing to roll your sleeves up).