How to use the BoK

Contributing to the APM Body of Knowledge+
The APM Body of Knowledge+ is a collaborative resource supporting everyone engaged in project, programme and portfolio management. We invite everyone to develop the resource by suggesting new ideas or updating existing ones.

Preparing your proposal
Successful proposals add to the body of knowledge rather than express the same content differently. Proposals are subject to a structured review process and updates are made on a scheduled basis; immediate changes are made by exception; for example, if theres a change in the law.

Before developing a proposal, consider these questions:

  • Why the change is needed?
  • How will it improve the content?
  • How urgent is it?

Creating a proposal

  • Strong proposals represent a consensus view of current thinking with pan-sector relevance.
  • Use the APM Glossary as a basis for your proposal. If you use a definition that differs from the glossary or introduce a new term, you should provide its definition and a rationale. This will be considered during the review process.

Suggesting a new section
You will need to register and be logged in to be able to suggest a new section. Proposals should be submitted through the standard template; this is made up of a number of headings:

  • Definition: (max. 30 words) relevant to the disciplines of project, programme and portfolio management.
  • General: (max. 500 words) universal truths where content is applicable to all three disciplines for the section.
  • Project: (max. 420 words) the application of the subject specific to project management only.
  • Programme: (max. 420 words) the application of the subject specific to programme management only.
  • Portfolio: (max. 420 words) the application of the subject specific to portfolio management only.

You can also suggest a change to an exisiting topic, by logging in and selecting the "Suggest a change" link next to the relevent section.

House style
The proposals may be edited into the APM Body of Knowledge+ house style to make it consistent and easy to read. When writing your proposal, consider the following:

  • Spellings: the house style prefers the ~ise option wherever there is a choice and similarly with words such as analyse, s is preferred to z.
  • Shorter words are preferred e.g. use rather than utilise, kept not maintained, first not initial.
  • Only real names, people and products, are capitalised, for example, MSP.
  • Use the third person in preference to the first person (managers in preference to we).
  • Avoid jokes and innuendo.
  • Keep sentences short. One idea per sentence and only one main verb per sentence.
  • Language and examples should be inclusive, avoiding cultural stereotypes.
  • Explain acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance.

Diagrams or tables should be explained or referred to in the text as well as where they should be positioned within the text. You must consider the matter of copyright where you are using anything other than your own original, and clearly reference the source where needed.

Further reading
Further reading can be any publicly available publication. It should be presented in the Harvard style. When referencing websites include the website URL and the date it was accessed.

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