Reetu Kansal's story

I am the project manager for Assessment Tasks at University of London. I have been with the University for eight years. During this time, I have used my expertise to successfully lead the University’s Assessment and Institutions Assurance departments through significant change.

I am a proponent of modern quality assurance processes, and have been a key mover in the way the University of London reviews and monitors its alliances with teaching institutions.

My overall experience has positioned me well to ensure that the University of London complies with regulatory and diversity requirements across the student assessment lifecycle.

Personal insights

Describe your career journey so far and how your path has led to your current position.

I attribute my career success to my ability to develop strong partnerships. During my roles at the University, I have developed strong relationships with educational organisations, quality assurance agencies and regulatory bodies in over 40 countries. This continues to serve me well in my project management role.

Prior to the University of London, I worked for the Diplomatic Academy of London where I managed Masters level programmes. I also worked for the Charities Advisory Trust where I oversaw a fundraising project.

I hold a Masters in International Relations. I continue to place a high value on learning and continuous professional development. I have the Chartered Fellow award from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Since taking on my most recent position as a Project Manager, I have benefitted from attaining the Project Management Qualification (PMQ) from APM. I look forward to growing within my profession and am confident that APM would have invaluable resources for me to utilise.

What kinds of projects do you work on, and what role do you play?

I lead and work on projects of strategic importance to the University of London. At any given time, I could be working on a multitude of projects. All of my projects have a direct or indirect impact on the experience of University of London students.

I predominantly oversee the processing of examination question papers, a business critical function for the University. I also support the Business Continuity Planning process and the production of the contingency risk matrix. My projects involve managing various project teams, interdepartmental liaison and cost-benefit analyses.

Tell us about your proudest moment in your career so far

My proudest moment in my career has been achieving my current position as a project manager. Being entrusted with responsibility for core and critical functional areas within the University has been humbling. Every single day I know that my work is impacting on students who are studying for and sitting examinations for a University of London award.

Tell us about a challenge you have had to overcome in your career, and what you learnt from the experience.

Leading and managing change, risk and restructuring are core features of my role. One of the main challenges can be getting people on board. I love working with people and managing diversity. I see it as an exciting prospect rather than a challenge. I know that once I have got the right talent on board, more than half the battle has been won!

What advice would you give to somebody new to the project profession?

Having a trusted network of people goes a long way. I have found that membership of a reputable professional body such as APM is extremely valuable. Through APM membership, I have developed a network of project professionals at various levels. This offers me a community of reliable professionals who are happy and able to advise me if I encounter a challenge. 

Explain your decision to become a member of APM

I joined APM to be associated with a sound professional body with a Project Management focus. APM is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe. I was enthusiastic to be part of such a large community of like-minded professionals.

APM’s Special Interest Groups, e.g. for Women in Project Management, was a particular draw for me. This complements my other professional body associations and career aspirations. For instance, I am on the CMI’s regional Board as the CMI Women Champion and I chair their Future Leaders panel. APM has hosted events and conference that are relevant to the professional causes I support. Most recently felt privileged to listen to Sir William Atkinson, celebrated as Britain's most successful headteacher for his achievements, at APM’s Project Management conference.

How does APM membership help you in your job role, career and studies?

I have access to a large number of resources that I can consult easily. I have attended APM events in person and online- these have offered current, up-to-date information that has informed my decision-making at work. Overall, APM membership helps me to reliably demonstrate my commitment to the profession, my job role and my career.

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