Ahmed Adnan-Nasr's story

Project management attracted me so much, I changed my career path; from architect graduate, through construction management, into the project management profession.

Good planning and efficient project control are the core elements to deliver successful project. Every new project is a new challenge.

My current position is a result of deep experience of project management which allowed me to overview projects from a different angle and dive further into project management knowledge to establish the success factors of the project, giving the project a greater chance of success.

Personal insights

What kinds of projects do you work on, and what role do you play?

I work on various types of projects such as power generation and transmission, hospitals, airports, rail, highways, offices, commercial. And my role is to overview and control project via sets of control measurements to ensure that it is going in the right direction from cradle to grave.

Tell us about your proudest moment in your career so far

Working with a team for electricity transmission network who delivered some iconic projects in a framework in England that impressed the client with such control over programme and budget and excellent quality.

Tell us about a challenge you have had to overcome in your career, and what you learnt from the experience.

Every project is a challenge; every environment of work is a challenge. Working in project management is plagued with fragmentation as well, so your team for the project might be distributed between three or four continents and you have to get them unified for one target!

One of the lessons I have learned through my career is the importance of communication between project team as early as possible in project life. “Connect with your team”, is my advice to project management professionals.

What advice would you give to somebody new to the project profession?

The advice is to back yourself with a good knowledge base through professional courses early enough and keep your senses alert to the new developing world of project management as it is growing so fast, as is everything nowadays.

Good planning and efficient project control are the core elements to deliver successful project. Every new project is a new challenge. Project management is not for project managers only. We use project management aspects in our daily life therefore the knowledge of project management should be provided to public in the basic education. The importance of bodies such as APM is constantly growing.

Explain your decision to become a member of APM

Since I learnt about APM I felt it is a must for my development to engage in a professional reputable network to keep in the loop of knowledge and exchange great experience of work with excellent professionals.

As you get on with your career you acquire a lot of knowledge that could benefit the younger generations of professionals. Being a fellow member it meant a lot for me as a stamp of accreditation to my experience and allows me to have the channel to pass my experience and knowledge back to other professionals and new generations.

I believe such an organisation as APM shapes the way we do project management. I want to add my input as much as I can as well as benefitting from the knowledge of the others.


How does APM membership help you in your job role, career and studies?

APM keeps me in the core of project management knowledge. The information I get through APM robust body of knowledge is priceless. It became the benchmark of standards and the language of project management with which I talk to my clients and colleagues.

What advice would you give to project managers looking to give back to the profession?

It is very important to give back to the profession, without this we will not be able to keep up the game with everything growing so fast around us. IT, Media, technology, industry even social habits.

By giving back your knowledge, you will have the chance to benefit from the others as well which will maximise the benefit for everyone.






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