Ewelina Kruk's story

I had been brought up living and breathing construction. My father has a construction company and I remember vividly visiting sites and reading architectural drawings. However, there was never such a person as a project manager involved.

With my newly discovered passion and an environment I felt so comfortable in, it was not a question of whether I do it but more a case of how and when I become a project manager in construction.

APM has played key role in my career and in setting that pathway.

However, the journey has only just begun …

Personal insights

Describe your career journey so far and how your path has led to your current position.

My career so far has been a journey of discovery. Whilst studying in Poland I realised the career path and course I chose was not what was meant for me and not what I wanted to do in my whole life. Saying that, I did not know at the time what my passion actually was so I decided to take a break and moved to Scotland wanting to explore options and travel the country.

Whilst living in Edinburgh, and having applied for a part time role, I was discovered by someone who would eventually become my boss and a big supporter of my career. Working for that very employer allowed me to undertake further training and this is when I “stumbled” across project management.

What kinds of projects do you work on, and what role do you play?

As a consultant I have the opportunity to work on all kinds of construction related projects. Residential, luxury housing, mixed use developments, sports facilities, tech facilities, office refurbishments, infrastructure, media and retail are all areas I have been involved in. Every day brings a new challenge.

Tell us about your proudest moment in your career so far

My proudest moment would be to have come as far as I have in project management in such short timeframe. The ability to manage teams, influence people and set an example to newcomers to this industry. 

Tell us about a challenge you have had to overcome in your career, and what you learnt from the experience.

The biggest challenge I face in the industry is being a young, female and Polish project manager. It feels on many occasions that I have to work harder, initially, to command the respect and trust of other team members. However, I have learned that by working hard and doing the best job I can it doesn’t take long for that respect and trust to be earned.

What advice would you give to somebody new to the project profession?

My advice for any aspiring project manager is to go for it. Join APM, build a network of people from various industries and speak to them all. Project management is extremely versatile, speaking to people will give you gauge of where you may see yourself.

Explain your decision to become a member of APM

I felt that joining APM would help me transform the skills I already had to be usable in the controlled environment that project management is. It sets out a framework for me to work towards to with the various levels of qualifications and, finally, opens up an endless source of knowledge to the project manager via its materials, discussion groups, and CPD events.

How does APM membership help you in your job role, career and studies?

APM membership helps me to continuously improve my skills. It sharpens the tools I have but also gives me new ways to project manage the versatile portfolio I look after as a consultant. In addition, it inspires my thinking and challenges my thinking about project management.

I am very excited to be a part of this community. I am also involved with WiPM wanting to support its growth and inspire more females to work in project management especially in my industry.

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