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Posted by APM on 5th Oct 2011

Richard Pound took on the challenge of presenting Crucial Conversations in Belfast to a mixed audience of students and well grounded project managers.  Initially his talk raised a few eyebrows with curiosity however, it was soon apparent that Richard knew his stuff and opened a few windows in the workplace where situations he had described were present or had been experienced.

The audience soon warmed to him and eagerly took part in the role play workshop element where they were faced with different levels of conversation not uncommon to everyday life and, were given examples on how to deal with that silent or aggressive approach experienced in difficult situations. 

 Project management is an area that will always encourage dialogue and human nature dictates that we all look at things differently obviously creating how we approach and deal with issues or problems.  It is that understanding that generates the crucial conversation being what it is and appreciation of how we talk to individuals and how that will have an effect on the result of what we want to achieve.

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