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Posted by APM on 4th Jun 2014

On the 14th March 2014 the House of Commons committee on public accounts report "Contracting out public services to the private sector" was published, and makes uncomfortable reading for those involved as suppliers or procurers. It might be tempting to say this is the reality of the difficulties of delivering public services, and it might instead be the case that procuring services through contracts performs with great variability across all sectors commercial and public. 

A conference was hosted by the APM Value Management SIG that looked at those issues in the face, entertained the notion that the solution is in the hands of project teams, from either side, client or supplier/contractor, and sought to prove that case, with both theory and evidence! 



The event included the following speakers: 

John Heathcote, APM Value Management SIG Chair 

Alan Munro (keynote speaker) 

Paul Riley, Head of Capital Projects, Leeds Metropolitan University Estates & Contractor partners BAM 

John Phillips, BAM Director  

Professor Farzad Khosrowshahi, Head of the School of the Built Environment & Engineering

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