Agile project management: All you were afraid to ask, by Adrian Pyne

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Posted by APM on 1st Apr 2015

Some thirty attendees travelling from as far away as Derby were present at the MK Holiday Inn to listen to Adrian Pyne talk about “Agile Projects Management: All you were afraid to ask” on Thursday 12th March 2015.

The talk was well received and covered Agile management from within and looking in.

He emphasised that much of the “looking in” meant changes in attitudes to the control of the project and open minds for all. He went on to explain how someone cannot be "part" agile in behaviour.

The talk was anecdotal to emphasise and explain, and was not always complimentary about some practitioners. Exactly what the audience had come to hear judging by the warm reception.

Roger Garrini
Midlands branch Secretary

Adrian has very kindly shared his presentation material.

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