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All Aboard the PPSO - Knowing the Value of Your PPSO and Getting Your Organisation on Board

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Posted by APM on 20th Apr 2008

All Aboard the PPSO Knowing the Value of Your PPSO and Getting Your Organisation on Board

April 2008 Aston Conference Centre

The April 2008 PPSOSIG event took place on the 10th April 2008 at the Aston University Conference Centre attended by 70 delegates all with an interest in PPSOs. Chris Walters welcomed the delegates and introduced the agenda.

> See the full agenda for the event (PDF)

Different Types of PPSO

The conference opened with John Zachar presenting on the different types of PPSO, this presentation enabled delegates to best identify their own PPSO, the role it performs and to set the scene before moving on to the benefits it provides to the organisation

> Presentation from John Zachar Types of PPSO

What is a Business Case?
Following on from John, Graham Shreeve covered the topic of business cases. After a brief interlude of exercise, the delegates were given a thorough presentation on the approach to take when creating the PPSO business case.

> Presentation from Graham Shreeve on What is a Business Case

What are the benefits of the PPSO that you work in?
After lunch and a chance to meet the other delegates we returned to the workshop and an opportunity for the delegates to begin identifying the benefits of their PPSO. the workshop kicked off with each delegate identifying three benefits each.

After a sweep around the audience we were able to identify seven key benefits -

Reporting and Risk.
Delegates headed to one of the benefits and formed a group to brainstorm and discuss the following:

What are the benefits of the PPSO that you work in? facilitated by Lain Burgos-Lovece
Time to explore, understand and highlight the key tangible benefits of your PPSO.
How do others sell their PPSO concept to the organisation?
What works in making a business case for PPSO/PMO services?
The benefits discussion / prompt card helped the session along with questions such as:

What was the original justification for setting up your PPSO?
What do the purpose bits say in your job description?
Can you help with your organisations greatest need? How?
What have you been thanked for in the past?
> See the Prompt Card (could be used in a session back at the office with your PPSO colleagues)

Challenging the Benefits So What?
Throughout the discussions Chris Hobson from CITI came along to challenge the benefits, asking the question So What?

Chris gave a brief insight to the eight main business benefits i.e., when putting together the PPSO business case these benefits should be incorporated into your thinking:

Cost Avoidance (Chris hinted that a lot of the PPSO benefits would fall into this category)
New Revenue
More Revenue
Intellectual Property
Strategic Alignment
Competitive Advantage
Competitive Response
Management Information
Chris reinvigorated the groups challenging the softer side of the benefits to become much more tangible and ultimately sellable in the business case.

> See the output from each group from the workshops

Stakeholder Management

After the interactive session, Chris Hobson gave a presentation to the group about the stakeholders, as a member of the PPSO, knowing who your stakeholders are and how to approach managing them can make a huge difference to the success of the PPSO. This session looks at why are they important to us, and why are we important to them, how to identify your stakeholders and understand their objectives, looking for ways to enhance your stakeholder relationships and creating a stakeholder management plan.

> See the presentation from Chris on Stakeholder Management

At the end of the day Question Time gave delegates the opportunity to put questions to the panel. Some great questions were raised giving delegates an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to their own circumstances.

Many thanks to all the delegates who attended this conference and contributed to the day. Hope to see you at the September conference.

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