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AMENDMENT - Set dates for Verification of Cohort assignments

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Posted by APM on 30th Aug 2011

In an amendment to the content below, the VERIFICATION dates for each of the Cohorts are:


 Cohort 1Cohort 2Cohort 3Cohort 4
Portfolio Verificationw/c 07/11/11 (10wd)w/c 20/02/12 (10wd)w/c 24/10/11 (5wd)w/c 06/02/12 (5wd)
Professional Review Verificationw/c 12/12/11 (Bristol)w/c 26/03/12 (Bristol)w/c 21/11/11 (Ibis House /M'head, Berks)w/c 05/03/12 (Ibis House /M'head, Berks)

Please let Andrea know your availability by 12th September to commit to these dates as a Verifier (and as an Assessor to any of the dates below)


In reference to the article recently posted on the RPP Assessors group, please note the dates below - Andrea must also assign one / two verifiers to each of the Cohorts.

All of the rules regarding turnaround times and fees will also apply to Verifiers.

Please contact Andrea with your availability to take on regular assessment / verification.

It is particularly important that Brendan D'Cruz / Geraldine Duffy / Steve Simister are able to commit to verification for Cohorts 3 and 4, as both Paul Erricker and Lara Taylorson will be invloved with these candidates' submissions and will consequently not be able to assess / verify for these groups.    


 The original article appears below: 

APM is now trialling a process for administering groups of candidates through RPP assessment as "Cohorts" and Andrea would like to assign Assessor teams to each of these cohorts.

The candidates applications will be assessed in exactly the same way (including Verification where appropriate) but in some cases we have had to impose a shorter turnaround deadline for Portfolio Assessments.

Assignments will count towards your contractual requirements and will be IN ADDITION to any regular Portfolio Assessments / Professional Reviews that may be assigned at a later date. (N.B. As always, if you are not able to take on Portfolio Assessments for a given period of time, please update Andrea with your availability.) 

All fees will be paid at the same rate as usual (piece rate for Portfolio Assessments, day rate for Professional Reviews)

The number of Portfolio Assessments assigned to one Assessor will depend on the number of Assessors able to commit to the dates for each cohort (please be prepared to received UP TO up to 4 Portfolios per Assessor)

Professional Reviews will take place at client venues or Ibis House (travel reimbursed as usual). 

For the following cohorts, please indicate your ability to commit to the dates specified

It is not necessary to complete both Portfolio Assessments AND Professional Reviews for a cohort - you can choose to do either PAs / PRs for as many of the set dates as you wish, depending on your schedule.

5WD = Assessors must commit to a 5 working day turn-around for Portfolio Assessments
10WD = Assessors must commit to a 10 working day turn-around for Portfolio Assessments




Cohort 1

Cohort 2

Cohort 3

Cohort 4

No. Assessors required

4 - 6

6 - 9

4 - 6

2 - 3

Portfolio Assessment

w/c 17/10/11 (10wd)

w/c 30/01/12 (10wd)

w/c 10/10/11 (5wd)

w/c 23/01/12 (5wd)

Professional Reviews

w/c 12/12/11 (Bristol)

w/c 26/03/12 (Bristol)

w/c 21/11/11 (Ibis House  / Maidenhead, Berks) 

w/c 05/03/12 (Ibis House  / Maidenhead, Berks) 


Please let Andrea know by 12th September 2011 - Assessor Teams will be assigned to each Cohort by 19th September 2011. If you have not heard by that date, please assume that you have not been selected on this occasion.

Andrea can be contacted at andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk

Thank you,

John Zachar and Andrea Kallides

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