APM Benefits Management and ProgM SIGs: volunteer conference coordinator opportunity

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Opportunities are currently available to join the Benefits Management and Programme Management Specific Interest Groups [SIG].

As an increasingly well-established discipline, Benefits Management is helping to ensure the efficient and effective investment in organisational development but … there is much more to be done. Following the success of its inaugural 2015 Benefits Summit #apmbmsummit the APM Benefits Management SIG has already set the date for its 2016 Summit so put the 23rd of June in your diaries!

The Programme Management (ProgM) SIG, with an active Committee, working on a series of work streams progressing work, for example on Communications, Corporates, Higher Education, Physical Events, Virtual Events and Publications, are also in the early stages of planning for their Annual 2016 conference. This is being scheduled for March 2016 in either Bristol or London.

In an initiative to ensure that next year’s conferences are as successful as those in the past, the Benefits Management and ProgM SIG committees are looking for volunteers from the APM community to lead the planning and preparation for their flagship 2016 events.

These roles present the opportunity for someone to both lead a worthy project whilst gaining useful insight into the Benefits Management and ProgM disciplines. The role also provides an opportunity to gain CPD and evidence competencies under the APM Competence Framework. Each respective SIG committee has the interest and motivation to stage a successful summit/conference but would benefit from someone with sufficient time on their hands to co-ordinate and oversee the required planning activities.

It should be noted that this resource request is for a ‘lead’ positions and not ‘do-it-all’ roles. The respective SIG committees can of course be called upon and willing to undertake the assigned event-related development activities.

We would expect the successful volunteers to have a keen interest and rudimentary knowledge of Project Management. They would join the respective SIG committees on a co-opted basis for a year in the first instance.

For more information on the Benefits Summit coordination role please contact Neil White.
For more information on the ProgM Conference coordination role please contact Ed Wallington.

If you are interested in providing support to these events please contact Anna Grabham before the end of September 2015

Thank you.

Neil White – Benefits SIG co-Chair
Ed Wallington – ProgM SIG Chair

Current published events can be found here.

Posted on 15th Sep 2015
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