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The award-winning APM Project Management Conference, sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions Ltd, will take place on 25 April 2018 at Westminster Park Plaza, London. As we wait in anticipation for the theme to be announced and bookings to open, we look back at some of the key highlights from APM conferences held over the last decade.

With more than ten successful conferences under its belt, APM’s conference programmes have been shown to continually mirror and support the profession’s values as it drives towards building a career ready and resilient for the next challenge it faces.

Past conferences have addressed subjects ranging from adopting new technology to understanding what the role of a Chartered profession means. The profession has seen huge change, all captured at APM’s project management conferences over the years.

During the 2011 conference, “New world, new project management”, educator and author Professor Eddie Obeng addressed delegates, remarking:

“There’s a massive amount of change and the world needs people who can lead that change successfully, close to 100 per cent successfully, bringing everyone along and really transforming the world in innovative ways”.

Just one year later the London 2012 Olympic Games took place, one of the biggest programmes undertaken across London in a generation. These ground-breaking projects were seen by millions across the globe as the opening ceremony took place, thanks to the project completing on time.

At the outset of the ODA’s (Olympic Delivery Authority) building of the Olympic park, which started in 2008, digital communication and mobile working were still very much in their infancy. Twitter was yet to hit the mainstream and the iPhone had only been around for six months.

These developments in the way we communicate was highlighted in the 2012 conference, “The Art of the possible”, where keynote speaker Dr Ed Hoffman commented: “As a profession we’ve done incredible things. I think now we need to start looking at larger questions – how do we engage people? How do we deal with the fact that there’s many more ways to communicate? How can we be more effectively transparent in terms of what we’re doing, and how do we get answers from the world community?”

Jumping forward to 2016, the APM conference theme was “World Class” and the challenge of working with technology had only increased. David Waboso, president of APM, highlighted how fast technology had moved in just four years, bringing robots and automation into play, stating:

A challenge for project management is the digital age; things are changing so quickly – automation, robotics. It’s going to affect not only people’s personal lives but also innovate in how we as a profession manage and deliver our projects”.

With lessons learnt from over a decade of conferences, it is clear that if the profession is to be ready for the future we must prepare for it now; and that is exactly what we shall do at the APM Project Management Conference 2018. To register your interest in being notified when the conference goes live click here.

Posted on 19th Oct 2017
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