APM Conference: Transformation specialists confirmed as speakers

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APM Conference 2016This year the award-winning APM Project Management Conference 2016 sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight will explore how the project profession can transform into one recognised as being World Class.

In our quest to bring you thought-provoking presentations, APM is proud to announce that on Thursday 21st April we will have RSVP by Design Ltd directors, Ann Alder and Dr. Geoff Cox, taking to the speaker platform.

They form the perfect partnership of a knowledge transfer and skills specialist and a skilled designer of developmental learning tools, activities and processes.

They will also be joined in the impressive speaker line-up at Kings Place in London by management consultant Andy Cooke.

Ann AlderAnn and Geoff will discuss the foundations of successful transformation. "Transformation is more than just change," say Ann Alder (pictured). 

"Transformation requires big challenges to what we think we know, to long established attitudes, to seemingly successful practices and to our beliefs about ourselves and our organisations."

Ann continues: "This type of fundamental change can only occur if it embraces the importance of learning and the need to ‘unlearn’.

"Successful transformations only happen when individuals learn and when leaders create a culture of deep and continuous learning in genuine ‘learning environments’."

Book nowIn their presentation, Ann and Geoff will draw upon a wide range of recent research and best practice in developing learning capability. They will explore how effective learners learn and how leaders need to re-focus their efforts on encouraging learning as a core competence for everyone in the organisation.

ProjectplaceThe presentation will illustrate, with business and ‘real-world’ examples, how the creation of powerful behavioural simulations allow participants to rehearse and refine their learning capabilities in safe situations, then identify sustainable change that can be transferred back into their teams and organisations.

Finally, their presentation will encourage reflection upon the implications of this emphasis on learning for leaders, challenging them to consider the personal changes they need to make in order to model and facilitate transformational learning.

Andy CookeAndy Cooke (pictured), who has also been confirmed as a speaker at the APM Conference, is an expert recognised for his ability to deliver complex, technology enabled, transformation programmes.  

In a presentation entitled ‘Conducting project teams: the lessons that project managers can learn from great musical conductors’, Andy will focus on the breadth of skills, awareness and understanding that a great conductor has and how this is analogous to the skills that project managers need to develop to be really successful in their careers.  

Andy said: "A conductor doesn’t need to know how to play every instrument, but he or she does need to understand enough of how each instrument sounds and then how to communicate this to get the best from the individual players.

"This is the same for project managers, they don’t need to understand what each functional area does but time invested early in working closely with areas such as business change, engineering, procurement to understand how to get the best from them will really make a difference in the overall success of the project."

Find out more information and to stay up to date with the latest APM Project Management Conference news follow @APMProjectMgmt on Twitter and search #apmconf

Posted on 10th Feb 2016
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