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Posted by APM on 27th Jun 2013

On 4th June 2013, John Chapman, Treasurer of the APM Programme Management SIG (ProgM), gave a presentation through an interactive video and audio conference with the APM Hong Kong Branch. Thank you to Mark Lomas, Chair of the Branch, Kevin Parry, Agee Leung and the attendees at the event for their time.

ProgM have been active in researching how to embrace social media techniques to improve communication with different stakeholder groups. With such a high level of publicity surrounding socialmedia, it is important that programme managers and project managers can understand what the options are, how they can be best utilised and the skills required to adopt this technology.

The purpose of the interactive session was to talk about ProgMs research into the social media landscape. This included references to the use of ProjectPlace and Twitter (including Twitwheel) and look at some of the training considerations when using video conferencing.

The presentation made reference to the work of Fred Cavazza who is a web consultant and French Blogger. His infographic (from FredCavazza.net) provides an effective diagrammatic representation of the social media landscape.

The relevance for project professionals is that its visual representation of the four areas of publishing, sharing, networking and discussing supports the development of an appropriate social media strategy for the programme or project.

Using technology that is common on most laptop PCs (MS PowerPoint, Web Cam, Windows Movie Maker, Microphones), John Chapman has been trialling the sharing aspects of social media through YouTube. At the presentation he discussed three areas, video blogs, meet the team briefings and setting up a YouTube site.
His video blog on Video Conferencing and Project Communication is below:

Here John demonstrates how to use a combination of audio, video and embedded graphics to create an effective & engaging blog.

At the initiation of a programme or project, CVs and biographies are often asked of the project team. A more human and personable approach is to provide 30 second video introductions (e.g. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srlYD0Anmxs).

For both of these John referenced some of the challenges in using video, such as speaking with clarity, looking at the camera, vocal warm up, lighting, and keeping briefings short and to the point.

The third area covered was the use of YouTube for the sharing and publishing of information. John has setup his own site at

The session concluded with a reference back to the APM 5 dimensions and how the social media work of ProgM was relevant for breadth, depth, and accountability.

ProgM is active in developing relationships with other SIGs and Branches and would be pleased to talk with any of the relevant chairs to discuss collaboration, and providing speakers for events.

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