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Posted by APM on 29th May 2015

A record-breaking number of project professionals have downloaded APM’s Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 report

Since its launch on 15 May the report has achieved more than 5,000 downloads – marking it out as APM’s most successful digital publication to date.

The research saw more than 2,700 respondents take part, including a large proportion of non-APM members (42%).

In addition, 8% of APM members participated in the survey, above the 6-7% average for salary surveys of this type produced by other professional bodies.  

The survey – sponsored by Wellingtone Project Management – provides a snapshot of the wider UK project management community looking at salary and market trends for individuals and organisations.  

It reveals that the profession is in good health with 70% of respondents reporting organisational growth and 47% looking to recruit new members of staff.  

This new-found confidence was also expressed by individuals with one in three participants feeling positive about the next 12 months and more than three quarters (77%) reporting high levels of job satisfaction.  

APM has been hugely encouraged by the reaction to the Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 and believes that the quality of the research, which follows the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct, will greatly add to the career development advice and resources for project professionals across all sectors.

Download your copy or click here for more information on the APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 

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