APM to update Registered Project Professional

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Launched in 2011, RPP was developed to meet the needs of the profession as a pan-sector standard for those able to demonstrate the competence of a responsible leader reflecting values enshrined within the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism

“The standard will continue to meet the original principles of RPP.” Said Gill Hancock, APM Head of Professional Standards and Knowledge, “The review will benchmark RPP against similar standards in other professions while recognising the attributes that make project management unique.”

The reviewed standard will recognise that RPP represents a key milestone in a professional development journey including the contribution the new APM Project Professional Qualification makes on the path to RPP.

Applicants who are in the process of applying for RPP using the existing criteria and process should continue to do so. There will be a short period where the current and new processes will run in parallel. During this period, candidates will be able to select the criteria they are assessed against.

In line with standards of a similar nature in other professions, the application and assessment process will help to ensure that RPP can be achieved in the first decade of a candidates’ career.

The updated standard and application process will launch in early 2017.

Posted on 1st Jun 2016
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