APM Transportation Practitioner Group Report v1 August 2016

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Posted by Maya Creasey on 19th Apr 2017

APM Enabling Change SIG - Transportation Practitioner Group report August 2016

Executive Summary

This report brings together the work to date of the APM Transportation Change Practitioner Group, and proposes a number of recommendations for further discussion.  It begins with an overview of the group’s background and objectives, followed by an introduction to the transport sector context characterised by large scale, costly infrastructure with long lead times, complex networks, safety, security and regulatory issues, an evolving policy and political environment, and the nature of customer service, operational and resource considerations.  The report goes on to set out the group’s working approach and make a number of observations around the challenges and success factors for transport organisations delivering change.  It identifies that whilst some of the challenges can be addressed by individual transport organisations and others are in the domain of policy makers, benefits could be shared more widely and greater influence gained through the role of professional bodies such as the APM.

The report then sets out a series of recommendations for further discussion with APM and other interested parties.  These cover a wide range of areas including the definitions and relationships between project, programme and change management; the role of sponsorship; business cases; requirements; measurement; skills and capability development; competencies; tools; and stakeholder engagement.  For each of these the report provides evidence from the transport group members’ experience and initial suggestions as to how these recommendations might be taken forward.


The full report is viewable to read by clicking on the image below.

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