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Posted by APM on 24th May 2013

The introduction

It all started at the APM South West & Wales Branch Annual Dinner where for the second year running I had the pleasure of sitting next to Bruce Phillips a member of the SW&WE BranchCommittee. After the usual pleasantries I asked the usual question of Hows the committee work going? to which Bruce responded with Well thanks, we have lots of people who want to be on the committee and it is progressing well.

This was a surprise, in an environment where volunteers, let alone committee members are hard to come by I wanted to know why was the APM SW&WE Branch Committee so appealing so I asked what do you do then? {It must be more than just organising events} and to my surprise Bruce said come along and see then!

The committee meeting

I cant say that spending an evening observing a committee meeting was top of my list for an evening out but as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound! So how can I assess and report on this I thought, Im sure all those project managers will be able to organise, manage, and chair a committee meeting effectively and efficiently, so armed with the APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition I went to the February committee meeting.

The first challenge was the weather and snow with Tulimar Colmenares being unable to join us from High Wycombe but this did not deter the team who had Skype up and running through a projector enabling Tuli to be with us virtually (its amazing how much effort you go to when you want someone to take the minutes!).

The meeting started on time (that was a first) and I was warmly welcomed by the 9 committee members there. The meeting was held amid a good atmosphere with light humour but with everyone being able to contribute with effective listening on display.

I was interested in the topics covered, which included Education & Industry Liaison, with committee members reporting back on contacts and how the APM can integrate and support the wider community.

The forthcoming programme was considered at length with careful thought being given to topics and location endeavouring not to repeat too much within a calendar year. Lessons learnt were captured and considered to ensure that members could benefit from the future programme.

Membership both in terms of recruiting and in retaining was discussed and it was good to see that new members were being managed and helped n how they could get the most out of the APM.

Liaison with HQ and the chapters was discussed with an aim of trying to ensure maximum involvement through the APM structure.


This is a committee that is working effectively and collaboratively together, working for its membership and the development of the wider APM community. But let us not be complacent, the committee will only work if they receive our feedback from the programme and we must continue to challenge, request and constructively critique to ensure that we can individually develop professionally and that the APM can develop with the South West & Wales.

Stuart Dent
13th March 2013

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