Body of Knowledge update - August 2011

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Posted by APM on 1st Aug 2011

An initial consultation on the proposed structure for the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition was held in summer 2010. The consultation was sent out to nearly 200 industry experts, the findings and recommendations from the consultation can be found in the high level report.

One key topic for discussion was the role of portfolio management and whether it can be incorporated within the structure. Opinions remain divided as to whether portfolio management is mature enough to be treated in the Body of Knowledge the same way as project and programme management. The Body of Knowledge Structure Working Group aim to use the authoring phase of the project, as well as input from the review groups and focus groups to assess the most appropriate way of capturing the topic within the next edition.

The structure has been widely supported, with many useful comments and amendments providing essential input into the next phase of the project. The consultation round provided a mandate for APM to progress onto the authoring phase of the work. APM Specific Interest Groups and others who have expressed an interested in participating in this phase are currently receiving their authoring packs and guidelines shortly.

Initial writing is scheduled to take place during Summer and Autumn 2010 with early drafts available for review by the SIGs, review groups and focus groups in the Autumn.

We appreciate your input into the Refresh programme and for contributing to this exciting development in the profession. If you have any questions relating the programme, please send them to

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