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Under the guise of a New Year tradition which sees the highest rates of job seekers looking for new opportunities at this time of year, the January job hunt appears to have begun.

APM’s latest Salary and Market Trends Survey showed that one in three project professionals would be looking to change roles in the next 12 months in search of a more diverse and interesting role.

And to help, APM has opened up its tool box to ensure project professionals have what it takes to stand out from the crowd and operate in a constantly changing and ever-challenging environment.

Alongside the recent launch of APM’s Careers Hub, which features the latest project professional jobs, the role profiler tool is a useful gauge for what skills, qualifications and experience are needed in order to progress in your career.

APM’s award winning Project Management Conference 2017, which this year hones in on new ways of working, new skills and focuses on the new generation of professionals the industry will need to embrace and manage, is a 'must' for those wishing to expand their knowledge base. In order to thrive in the current project environment, which demands a modern resilient workforce in order to ensure project success, project professionals will need to continually build on their skills and broaden their specialist knowledge.

The ground is also set for those wanting to make the move and become a project professional in 2017. Whether you’ve just graduated or wish to change your career, there are new ways into the profession - including the recently launched Trailblazer standard alongside APM’s Project Fundamentals Qualification (formerly known as APM Introductory Certificate). Entrance to the profession is now accessible through a diverse and expanding pipeline and from a variety of career paths and backgrounds.

If change is on your horizon, find out more about our qualifications and the latest guidance and good practice for CPD. Perhaps investigate membership options, APM’s free-to-access tools, APM conferences and events, all of which support your career journey and aid your professional development.   

Posted on 16th Jan 2017
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