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Change anything: the new science of personal success

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Posted by APM on 4th Feb 2014

On Tuesday 21st January, the Thames Valley Branch enjoyed an entertaining and informative presentation by Sharon Clish of Grahame Robb Associates entitled “Change Anything: The new science of personal success”.  

The audience was swiftly invited to get engaged, thinking about how much control we each felt we had over both our own and other people’s behaviours.  The whole room seemed to be immediately galvanised by this and Sharon’s own influencing skills were tested in bringing the discussion to a close and getting some feedback.

Broadly in agreement that we were probably never as in control as we might like to be, Sharon went on to explain why this might be the case with the introduction of a “willpower trap” that results in an erroneous belief that willpower is all that is needed to change a behaviour.  On the contrary, it was argued that “crucial moments” are critical to the process, including: circumstance; time of day; people; places and moods.  The “Change Anything” approach is built upon a 2 x 3 matrix that considers the Motivation (is it worth it?) and Ability (can I do it?) of an individual across Personal, Social and Structural domains – the Six Source Model.

The timing of the event nicely coincided, no doubt, with lots of short-lived New Year’s resolutions as we were asked to consider behavioural change within our professional (the career limiting bad behaviour) and personal lives (stopping smoking and weight loss!).

It may be too much to hope for a healthier and happier audience at our next event, but Sharon certainly did her bit to get us thinking differently about the challenges we all face!

At the conclusion of the presentation a draw was made for three lucky members of the audience to receive the text book on the topic.

Graham Prowse, Robert Noyes and Nadine Williams should be receiving their books soon.

Finally, our thanks go to Nationwide for hosting the event in their high quality facility.


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