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Change Request Document

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The Change Request Document outlines the scope of the review and places the review in the wider context of APM strategy.

Please see this document as a useful resources for the review group that outlines the scope and objectives of the review, the resources required for the review and provides deadlines for the review to deliver recommendations to the APM executive.

To download a copy of the Change Request Document please follow the link below


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  1. Charlene Careless
    Charlene Careless 22 November 2017, 08:00 PM

    Can anyone point me as to where the 'link' is below?

  2. Owain Wilson
    Owain Wilson 27 November 2017, 04:09 PM

    Hi Charlene, Unfortunately it looks like that content no longer exists, however you may find something of help on this page: All the best, Owain