Collaboration key to Olympic sustainability [Video]

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Posted by APM on 23rd Jul 2012

It has been seven years in the making, but the London 2012 Olympic Games is nearly upon us with the opening ceremony taking place this Friday.

With such a major programme putting UK project management in the limelight it is reassuring to hear that all involved in the long term sustainability of the Olympic Park are working so collaboratively.

It is really important to have a clear strategy from the outset, said Holly Knight, head of sustainability at the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). Having processes in place ensures that everyone is delivering in the same way and that people know how they should deliver against targets.

Speaking a the APM Conference last month Holly told the audience in order to deliver real sustainability it needs to be a key part of a project managers responsibility and should be embraced. Stressing the importance of having everyone reading from the same page Holly added: Environmental professionals, project managers, engineers and architects should all find a common language to work collaboratively.

Joining Holly in the From vision to reality stream at the conference showcasing the lessons learned from the construction of the Olympic Park was Caroline Blackman, head of organisation development at CLM, the ODAs chosen Delivery Partner. Caroline was also singing from the same hymn sheet to Holly as she declared that the more time you spend focusing on people the more likely your project will succeed.

This all helps to create a high performance culture, as Caroline stated: It is all about engaging with people to make sure that they have the right atmosphere to deliver.

Caroline indicated that this is achieved by organisations not hanging onto resources that are no longer relevant to that particular project. Leaders need the courage to ensure they put the right people in at the right time, but also demobilise them at the right time.

Completing the Olympic lessons learned at the conference was Simon Wright, director of venues and infrastructure at the ODA, who illustrated how the Olympic Park was a time critical programme while Jim Neill, company chief engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine, highlighted the challenges of the Olympic Stadium delivery.

The conference completed the learning legacy event series that started in January after APM was selected as an official dissemination partner by the ODA. Holly and Caroline were also interviewed during the five months of presentations along with other key figures involved in the construction of the Olympic Park, so catch up on what was said and watch all Olympic lessons learned interviews.

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