Come on let me tell your a story - well not quite but it does help successful project leadership

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Once upon a time, Stephen Carver entertained the Derby Chapter, British Computer Society and the University of Lincoln with his most recent presentation on Successful project leadership through story telling.

Stephen Carver jointly presented his latest and very successful event on the soft side of project management where he enthralled the audience in his unique style on how project leadership can be successful through storytelling. Project leadership can be a balancing act: the fine line between building a strong vision, providing clarity for the way forward, motivating the project team, and managing the stakeholders. Sometimes it is about being that little bit theatrical to win hearts and minds: understanding that uncertainty, ambiguity, and challenging times require a slightly different approach in order to help yourself and others dig deep and make it happen.

Ingenuity and creativity are often tested in trying to weave the project vision with the tasks. Instead of the usual dry, trite phraseology and business vocabulary trotted out at project reviews with teams and boards, how can we use compelling narrative to build commitment and paint a picture of the future with strong images? Well Stephen more than achieved that as the comments from all organisations could only reflect on a witty, interesting and most certainly different presentation normally attended.

Stephens presentation was faultless and he deservedly gained the respect and praise from delegates who have decided to take the logic out of their own presentations and introduce a new style of storytelling to get their message across. If you want to see Stephens presentation please click on the link below.

Posted on 19th Jun 2012
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