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Courageous conversation [Video]

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This video was produced from ideas expressed at an APM Knowledge SIG Courageous Conversation event in November 2012. A Courageous Conversation is an interactive event at which participants challenge accepted wisdom and preconceptions, stimulated by short introductions from speakers. The subject of this Courageous Conversation is project management bodies of knowledge.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to join in?

There's a conversation about this going on at the APM LinkedIn group (you'll need to join the group before taking part) or you can continue the conversation in the comments below...


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  1. Owain Wilson
    Owain Wilson 14 May 2013, 10:04 AM

    Here's the link to the discussion Judy mentioned:

  2. Judy Payne
    Judy Payne 07 May 2013, 10:08 AM

    Hi MervWhy don't you join the conversation going on in the LinkedIn Group? Your comments would be valuable!

  3. Jon Whitty
    Jon Whitty 27 April 2013, 02:18 PM

    Hi Merv, great to hear from you. It does look like you are the first Courageous Conversationalist to put your comments on this page. Im not sure why the discussion broke out on the LinkedIn page rather than here. I do know that Judy and I were keen not to be the first to comment, and left it to others, but others never came. Until now!  I hope youve notice the situational irony on this webpage? Theres an APM sanctioned video that points out the fundamental flaw with all written project management bodies of knowledge, and how they are used by PM institutions and associations as a commodity to sell to their membership; while on the same page theres an advertisement for 10% off the APM BoK. 

  4. Merv Wyeth
    Merv Wyeth 27 April 2013, 09:14 AM

    Hi Judy & co.,You recall that I was in fact present at the event in Reading, on 28th November last year where this particular Knowledge SIG's Courageous Conversation started. I remeber that I personally enjoyed the evening, although was rather disappointed at the low number of people that turned out to meet, and hear from Jon Whitty, and to participate in the discussion with subject matter experts.I did enjoy the various presentations on the evening, and in particular Jon use of metaphor and story-telling technique - as well as the use of Prezi to create impact - and get his various points across.I did, in fact, share the link's to Jon's presentation Truly Reconceptualizing project knowledge management, along with Vanessa's visual minutes via Twitter on the evening, which have more recently been cast as an interesting video, and which does help to bring some good memories of the evening flooding back!My concern relates to the disconnected and fragmented nature of this 'conversation.' For example my comment today happens to be the first and only comment that has been added within the Knowledge SIG area of the APM site.However, a long discussion does now appear to have bubbled up in the official APM Linkedin Group (albeit amongst about 10 people from a membership of over 28,000) which by virtue of the length, and in parts volume, of said discussion, exacerbated by a lack of proper context, in my opinion is not now an easy conversation to join.In the Linkedin discussion, Judy does allude to the need for social software and social networking to support the knowledge capture, indexing and sharing process which in turn should lead to the development of a more accessible and different type of body of knowledge, or even wisdom.As you know I do have some ideas, and maybe solutions, to how Learning Technologies could support this worthy aim. However, in view of the lack of conversation going on in this particular forum, and the nature of the conversation in the Linkedin group, I will keep them to myself for the moment.