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Covid-19 Regulations: Safety requirements for delegates

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The health and safety of all attending delegates, exhibitors and staff at APM’s events is of paramount importance to us. We will work in conjunction with venues to implement their safety precautions and any applicable UK Government guidance to make events as safe as possible for everyone.

Please note the below may be subject to change to fall in line with any changes in government requirements.

In-line with current UK Government guidance related to large attendance events, the use of a Covid Pass by its attendees is seen as one of the most effective methods to minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading.

The Covid Pass gives confirmation that attendees have received both doses of a vaccine, or that they have recorded a negative test result via a lateral flow test within 48hrs prior to an event.

We therefore ask that all attending delegates present a Covid Pass at this event, via the NHS app, upon arrival at the venue. Information about how to obtain a Covid pass can be found here.

For those attendees who are not yet fully vaccinated, this will require that they undertake a lateral flow test within 48hrs prior to the event. Should a delegate receive a positive test result, they will be eligible to either a full refund of their ticket, or a transfer to a virtual-only event ticket. Please see APM’s Terms and Conditions for standard terms and refund policy.

If, for any reason, a delegate would be unable, or would prefer not, to undertake a lateral flow test, we ask that those delegates consider watching the event virtually. For existing ticket bookings the normal refund policy applies (see APM’s Terms and Conditions), except in the case that the delegates can provide evidence of a positive Covid test (see above). 

APM recommends that all attending delegates follow suitable safety precautions for an enclosed event:

Wear suitable face coverings when moving around the venue (may be removed when sitting at the table)

Maintain a reasonable distance from other delegates when moving around the venue

Follow all onsite instructions provided 

APM will liaise with the venue to request that:

Hand sanitiser is available at the venue 

The room will be suitably ventilated

All usable areas at the venue are regularly disinfected 

The venue is arranged to allow the flow of attendees to move freely with plenty of space


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