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"Don't panic" says Young Crew

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Posted by APM on 4th Feb 2013

Young CrewAn exciting aspect of last year’s IPMA World Congress was the Global Young Crew Workshop (GYCW) which had the phrase “Don’t Panic” as its highlighted theme.

This was a direct reflection of the essence of professional development the young and emerging project managers have continually demonstrated over the years. John-Paris Pantouvakis, chairman of the 26th IPMA World Congress, said: “Never has the industry been in a better position, for when one takes an in-depth look at the knowledge and expertise the next generation of project manager’s posses it is evident beyond reasonable doubt that the future promises and challenges of the profession will be administered by capable hands.

“As a senior IPMA member and project management practitioner I, with this in mind, have no reason to panic.”

The Young Crew initiative is a key component of IPMA's growth and development of emerging and future project leadership. They are the premier global network for young professionals who are passionate about project management, providing them with a unique and vibrant platform for collaborative working, knowledge sharing and career development.

Once again APM continued to play a key role towards supporting the Young Crew initiative as it has usually done over the years. For the second year running APM’s Young Crew representative Tunde Ajia coordinated the prestigious annual IPMA Young Project Manager Award. Last year’s awards has been regarded as the most successful installment in its seven year history, since being introduced in 2006 in Shanghai, China; as it received the highest ever number of applicants for an award year.

Nuno Ponces de Carvalho, IPMA vice president of Young Crew, emphatically stated: “The extent of managing communications with various award stakeholders to effectively expedite the necessary planning and control processes from initiation through to completion was a key involvement which led to the success achieved with the 2012 award edition.  The coordinating team deserves a big thank you for such contribution.”

APM has proactively engaged with the Young Crew initiative over the years offering a valued relationship and leadership within the Young Crew community ensuring the great talent being demonstrated is being harnessed towards the appropriate initiatives.

Tunde Ajia, committee member of the APM Reading Chapter within the APM Thames Valley Branch, feels that the engagement of APM’s young professionals within IPMA has once again presented an opportunity to keep the APM flag flying internationally.

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