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business reporter APM once again featured in the Sunday Telegraph’s special project management edition of Business Reporter yesterday. If you were unable to pick up a copy, you can view it online or download a version

The project management edition looked at what politicians and project managers had in common, skills for project success and took a look inside the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

APM’s recent Conditions for Project Success report featured in an article with the findings from the report being explored. The top five factors for project success were highlighted and there were images from the Conditions for Project Success breakfast meeting held at The Goring Hotel earlier this month.

APM’s chief executive Sara Drake took part in an expert panel with other senior figures from the profession who discussed the key to eradicating failure in projects.

APM president Tom Taylor also gives his thoughts on why project management is a varied career and how skills gained and developed are transferable to all aspects of life. He said that the best skill for project management is being a team player and that ‘follow-ship’ is key because “while we need good leaders, we need good followers as well.”

Business Reporter also looked at how 22% of projects embarked on are wholly successful but we only hear about projects when they fail. Alistair Godbold, deputy chair of APM, said that we should “celebrate the success of good project management a lot more”.

APM’s blog was also listed as one of the best blogs available for project professionals.

Additionally, last September saw APM provide a thought-provoking article for Raconteur’s special report on project management that appeared in The Times. The feature detailed how employers in a variety of sectors can attract, retain and develop project management talent as they face growing competition for the best project professionals. October saw APM appear in Raconteur’s Agile Business report that was also published in The Times. An article on good project governance featured in the strategy edition of Business Reporter and was distributed in the Sunday Telegraph in November. In the same month APM was part of City AM's special report on project management.

View online or download the Business Reporter’s special report on project management. 



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  1. Owain Wilson
    Owain Wilson 12 May 2015, 08:34 AM

    Hi Adrian, You may have seen this already, but APM featured in City AM's special report on agile this week:, you can view all of APM's content on the subject from this page: regardsOwainAPM web media manager

  2. Paul Naybour
    Paul Naybour 03 May 2015, 10:17 AM

    AdrianA very useful comment, I have never though about the difference between acting agile and following an agile method. This is a really interesting idea. All too often I hear stories of PM who are given with impossible challenges but are not encouraged to think of creative solutions. For example I was talking to someone Yesterday, who has to roll out a new system, with not enough time or money to do the job properly. The challenge is how to open up a conversation about flexibility in the objectives without feeling like a failure, before the project has started. In my experience the APM is a summation of all the accepted practices and shared beliefs of its members. It has never been an innovator and always a follower. In many ways this is strength, as any new idea has to be accepted by the broad community before it get recognition by the APM. Maybe it is time for this to change.Paul   

  3. Adrian Pyne
    Adrian Pyne 03 May 2015, 09:10 AM

    Great to see APM again getting visibility in the national media.BUT one of the other articles in this report was about Being Agile. And in particular looking ahead to the new version of PRINCE/2 which is supposed to take account of Agile. Alas, despite some great words from Steve Messenger (DSDM Consortium), the article was another opportunity list to make the point that Agile (software) development and Being Agile at project management are NOT the same thing.But my biggest regret is APM's silence on Agile.I don't care if some folk think Agile is "just another fad". Look at the numbers - thousands taking Agile PM exams, and the publications, e.g. from the DSDM Consortium. APMG, PMI and soon PRINCE/2.There is a hunger out there for good guidance on what Being Agile at PM means. And even more, there are large corporates who see the value and we are not meeting our customer's needs. How can we lead when we don't.....or won't even follow?