Dr Ben Goldacre - "work out where the uncertainties are" [video]

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Posted by APM on 9th Apr 2015


Best-selling author, medical doctor, broadcaster, campaigner and academic Dr Ben Goldacre believes that you need to “find out what works best” and by doing this can help to improve successful projects. 

2020 business insight apm conferenceBen, who wrote Bad Science (4th estate) and best-selling Bad Pharma (4th Estate), opened the APM Project Management Conference 2015 sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight with a thought-provoking, entertaining and informative session. 

Ben believes that you need to establish the facts and use them well to avoid negative impact. He said: “Everyone has a responsibility to gather good quality evidence on what works and what doesn’t so that they can make sure that they are doing the best that they can with the resources that are available to them.”

Dr Ben Goldacre APM Myth Busting

“Work out where the uncertainties are, work out what you don’t know”

Ben studied medicine at Oxford and London, wrote a column for The Guardian between 2003 and 2011 and is currently working as an academic in epidemiology. 

Catch up on the speaker presentations and  video interviews from the APM Project Management Conference 2015 – Myth Busting: Dispelling the myths to improve project delivery success


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